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It is said that Phillippines could have more unique species than ever thought before. Phillippines is considered to be a very hot biodiversity spot. It has the best species of birds than ever thought. Most of the animal species found here are totally endemic. So this land of around 7,100 islands is perhaps the only place which are around 77% of amphibians More than 31% of birds are only in Phillipines. The bird fauna here is a distinct species and is made up of lovely perching birds that have not been found anywhere in the world. the samples of the Phillippines populations of the species were always a little different from the samples in other parts of this south eastern part of Asia.

Earlier taxonomics used plumage color to be able to identify the species. These features are not really ideal as those that are very closely related also look very similar. The birds belong to a special kind of species and are very unique with the best kind of genetic lineage. There were a group of biologists and bird lovers who trailed in this region and came upon a group of dark brown birds. Their legs were orange red and were under a bush near a flowing stream. Another team also found the birding in the Calayan lowlands and discovered later that they belonged to the Rallidae family. So the migratory birds were a part of this. This is a bird that is new to science and is very popular amongst the locals. They call it the piding

Phillippines and Birds

Then there were many other birds sighted and the limestone outcrops, small streams and the caves were perfect places where they found more birds. It is said that this species has been here undiscovered for many years, at lest a hundred years. The Calayan rail is related to the moorhen and has the red beak very much in contrast with its dark plumage. The World Conservation has classified the new species as vulnerable. Today 18 of the flightless 20 species of rails are considered flightless and also threatened. Most of them are extinct since the 16th century. the calayan rail is supposed to live in the thick undergrowth of trees and forests. The community is very concerned about the future of this lovely island and is focusing on the problems of natural resources. The Calayal rail discovery is a great demonstration that the world has a lot to show us. These species are always at a risk of getting influenced by humans as they are mostly seen on mountains and islands where their occurrence and range is limited.

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Across the world more than around 130 species from the gargantuan elephant bird of Madagascar to the Dodo of Mauritius has been seen to get extinct. there are cases when they also get killed. Amongst the surviving species today, around 10 per cent are facing the threat of extinction. The Luzon Sarus Crane,  the Tarictic Hornbill, and many such species have not been seen since generations.

Philippines is said to have more than around 600 species of resident and also migratory kind of birds. Out of these around 190 are endemic. They have lost their habitat and also hunting has reduced the population of such lovely birds.

Around 200 of Philippine birds are a part of the World Conservation Unions’ list of endangered species which is inclusive of the Negros Fruit dove and the Philippine Cockatoo. It is today considered to be the largest eagle on earth.

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Birds are seen to play a major role in the environment. They eat the fruits and disperse the seed. There are some nectar feeders like the Olive backed Sunbird which are great pollinating agents. Then you have the seabirds that help in improving the ecology of the smaller islands here. they produce a lot of guano and thus enrich the soil here and allow a lot of adaptable plants to take root.

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