Bird of Paradise

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The Paradisaeidae family has more than three dozen species of birds. They are often referred to as bird of paradise. Their colors are striking and their plumage is bright with blue, yellow, green, and scarlet. These myriad colors make them the most attractive birds on the planet. They are also the most dramatic of all birds.

Males tend to sport wonderful elongated feathers or ruffs that are vibrantly colored. These elongated feathers are also known as streamers or wires. Some of the Bird of Paradise species have elaborate head plumes. Other distinctive features include breast shields and head fans.

Male birds exhibit their bright colors and unique ornaments to attract the female birds. Their dances, poses, and rituals are unique and elaborate. This gives them a wonderful appearance. They put on a fantastic show for the female birds. Humans should consider themselves very lucky to be in the bird’s vicinity during the elaborate mating rituals. These rituals can last for hours and they tend to consume a large amount of time.

The bird of paradise is native to New Guinea and the surrounding islands. Australia has a large number of manucodes and riflebirds. The beauty of the birds of paradise makes them a target among skin hunters, who have destroyed certain species.

A colorful flower is also named after these birds. The bird of paradise in South Africa is considered a member of the banana family. Its biological name is Strelitzia reginae. The banana tree sports an exquisite flower that is said to resemble the bird of paradise in full flight.

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