Volunteer Holidays In Greece

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If you get only a few weeks off from your workplace and you want to do something beyond the normal ‘holiday package’, you could try out going on a volunteer holiday. This would help you get an insider’s view on the culture and living of the region you decide to visit; plus, you come back feeling satisfied about having helped out in your own little way.

Volunteer Holidays in Greece:

So you’ve decided to hit the European coast for your holidays this time; but you want to do your own little bit of good when you’re there. If you do zero in on Greece, we have just the idea for you. You could join the Katelios Group for the Research and Protection of Marine Terrestrial Life on the Ionian Island of Kefalonia as part of their volunteer holidays program.  If you volunteer with them, you will receive training to work directly with the endangered sea turtles – the Caretta caretta sea turtles.

This main national turtle protection organization in the region of Greece is known to offer ample opportunities for the volunteers who choose to make their way here.

The main activity of the group is to try and conserve the endangered sea turtles called the Caretta caretta. This region is the local nesting ground for the turtles; and this is why it becomes important for the region to be preserved as just that. The field work of this group completely and fully relies on the volunteers. Seasonal volunteers are needed to help out here.

This is where the idea of volunteer holidays came into play. Ever since the group has begun inviting international volunteers, it’s been doing very well.

The Decalogue For Tourists:

Given the fact that the first and most major source of disturbance to the sea turtles are the tourists and the developments brought about by the tourism sector, there was a need for a Decalogue that could help the tourists in lowering their impact on the sea turtles of the region while fully enjoying their holidays.

  • Carry your rubbish away with you when you leave.
  • Try and knock down your sandcastles before you leave the beach.
  • Let the hatchlings actually find their way to the water before you attempt to help them.
  • Place your beach umbrellas in the wetter sand (below the high tide line).
  • Do not attempt to camp on the beach.
  • Do not drive along the beach.
  • Do not go to the beachside at night.
  • Try and respect nature.
  • Come and visit the Katelios Group for more information on how to help the endangered sea turtles.

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