What is the definition of a national park?

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National Park is an area which is set aside by national government as well as the state government which is done to preserve its natural environment.

National Park is no ordinary area, which will be chosen and declared as National Park. The area which is under National Park is less under human’s exploitation and away from its occupation and cities. Mostly the area declared under National Park has some scenic view, scientific significance, geographical interest etc, which is why it is being protected by humans from exploitation and abuse from humans only.

A thing to be noted is national park is a place where there are more animals and plants then humans, so therefore this places the arena under protection of national authority.

It is basically a reserved area of natural or even semi natural land, which is set aside for safety of animals and species of endangered plants etc and also it is open to human recreation of activities but there is protection from development and construction.

There are strict controls on development and constructions that are carried out under these sites like new buildings if need to be made should be made from same stone and with same design that were used here traditionally.

The first national park that was established was in the United States of America that is Yellowstone National Park, which was established in year 1872. There is an international organization namely the International Union for Conservation of Nature widely known as IUCN, and it has World Commission on Protected Areas, which has defined National Parks under its category as Second type of protected areas. According IUCN definition the world’s largest National Park is the Northeast Greenland National Park, established in year 1974. As per the update data in year 2010 of the IUCN, accordingly there are about 7000 national parks all over the worldwide.

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