Wild Escapades at the Taronga Zoo

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Visit Australia and come back with the best pleasures in the beautiful surroundings of the Taronga Zoo. Just around 12 minutes from Sydney by ferry this is one place that is sure to take your breath away. So as you enjoy the free shows and the lovely greenery here, you would enjoy the pleasures of wildlife offered in this lovely land.

There is a list of things that you could do here. First you have the option of selecting the animals that you want to se and you could just plan a day in advance as to what you would do in your visits here. Those who come here on a short visit, this would be a one time experience that would linger in their minds. Taronga Zoo has a new Entrance Plaza that gives you lot of access area to plan your entire adventure. There are plenty of things to do here. Firstly you are sure to like the fascinating artworks which dot the place and are made by the Aboriginal artists. The Sculpture Walk is full of this and it continues deep in the inner plaza.

Taronga Zoo
The wildlife exhibit centre here displays the Zoo’s wildlife population much to the delight of the public here. Here you would see the wetland birds and also the pademelon wallabies as also the tree kangaroos. Enjoy the sight of the coffee shop here and make sure you get a souvenir here. Also you could otherwise book an animal encounter which is available here or else book a tour and then go to the Zoo gateway where you can get your tickets validated.

There is a Tram Shed here which is the office and is in front of the Main Entrance building. Today this place has been converted into a bright waiting and welcome area for the tourists. Go around the Taronga Zoo and enjoy the scenic boardwalk between the Big Cats Trail and the African Safari.

Taronga zoo animals
Also there is a new connection that takes tourists on a wandering experience through the top of the trees with lovely views from the African Safari. You can see the Himalayan Tahrs sitting on the rocks and also see the Snow Leopard Mountain. There is a new place which is in front of the Barbary sheep exhibited and here you can see the beauty of the ambience and also the restored Heritage Pavilion. This is very near the Barbary Sheep. This is a great rest point and an ideal spot to enjoy the sight of the Sydney Harbour bridge. The majestic Opera house is also seen in the background and all the tourists come all the way up here just to have a glimpse of these landmarks of Australia.

The sight of the Himalayan Tahrs peeking in from their rocky abode and the simple pleasure of seeing them jump nimbly from ledge to rock is something that is the icing on the cake for many. There is an easy slope in this place that makes it easy for families and for women with prams to ply their way through.

Leopard Mountain
This year in 2012, since the month of May the water area Backyard to Bush has been closed as there is some renovation work going on. But the kids can go around the farmyard and enjoy the sights of the farm with the farm yard feed, the backyard buddies, the spider talk etc.

The camps in the safari tents in the middle of Australia’s zoo, are the main attraction for many tourists interested in adventure. There are architecturally designed tents, a good feast and drinks in these tents which also offer some unique animal encounters. So get to see the Sydney Harbour on one side and the Meerkats, Snow Leopards, Lions being spotted on the other. The tents are very convenient and enjoy this unique and special feel of hearing a lion roar, seeing an elephant run and feeding a giraffe or patting a seal.

All in all a great experience  not to be missed in Australian tours, The Taronga Zoo indeed offers a heavenly experience.

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