Wild Pleasures from the Borjomi Kharagauli National Park

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Visit the central part of Georgia and come to the wilder regions in this part of the world. One of the largest parks in Europe this spans over an area of around 85,000 hectares. With around a large expanse of native forests and beautiful meadows, this is the place where you get to see the rarest flora and fauna. There are a network of exciting trails here that totally enrich your travels here and give you a stunning experience of the widest plethora of scenic views, magical ambience and the sights of lovely blossoming plants.

Come here and enjoy the lovely surroundings of the National park which is located in the central part of Georgia and is a portion of the beautiful Caucasus region. With the sight of the surrounding villages that are filled with the richest cottage industries, medieval historical locales and the most legendary kind of hospitality. With the history of this place dating back to the time of the Middle Ages, this is one land which the earlier feudal lords used for hunting.

Borjomi Kharagauli National Park

Today this park covers an area of almost 1% of the region of Georgia. The mountainous forests here are a great treasure and the most endangered fauna species are found here. Sprawling over a huge area, the alpine meadows here are the major feature here. So come to the Borjomi Kharagauli National Park and surround yourself with a beauty that is irresistible. With the kinds of settlements and resorts and the most interesting monuments, this is one place that is a great resort here in Georgia which is famous for its unique nature, mineral waters and the most abundant monuments.

Some place in between Borjumi and Bakuriani there is a place which is the place where we would find the Timotesubani Monastery. Here there is a church of the Holy virgin which was constructed in the 10th century. It is basically made of red sandstone. There are inner chambers that are covered with beautiful frescos from the 13th century. this was during the epoch of Queen Tamar.

Borjumi and Bakuriani
There is a remarkable historical monument here that is located on the National Park area and this is the St. Mary’s church which is located at the National Park Entrance. The Tsar Romanoff Palace and the Likani Park are of great attraction here and have been built in the year 1895 and are of recreational value. In the 19th century the first healing spring was found and this was later used by the Russian Tsar family who used this as the summer residence. Likani Palace was built on the banks of the River Mtkvari and impressed the king a great deal. The simple sights of the Borjomi Gorge fascinated the king and he decided to build a summer resort here.

There was a beautiful park that was designed here and today is one of the fantastic destinations in this part of Borjomi. There is a lovely rail track here which is around 35 km long and more than a century old. It takes you from a narrow gorge from Borjomi to Bakuriani which is the winter capital of Georgia. Today it offers a lot of ski routes and sport destinations to people. There are rope ways which give you the adventure that is needed here.

Beautiful park
Kharagauli is located in the northern part of the national Park and this is a region which is a greatly fascinating land with the best subtropical ambience and the most mesmerizing landscape. There are a number of river gorges and mineral water springs and the most enchanting karstic forms. There are traditions of the past here and here you would get to see the most tasty honey. Get the sights of the most fascinating basket works and earthen ware and thus fill your travels with the greatest thrill. There is Akhalsikhe which is a very ancient city of Georgia which has a population of various nationalities which has a historical museum. Here the Atskuri fortress and the Sapara monastery are very famous.

Visit the Adigeni district where you get to see the monasteries of Chule and Zazma which provide you a great sight of the Abastumani resort. At the Borjomi Kharagauli National Park you get to see the Sun Gate.

National Park attractions

Overall, this trip will be the most memorable one and a welcome break.

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