Wild Safari Tales from Okavango

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Visit the unique ecological region of the Okavango Delta. This beautiful paradise filled with the best sights of the papyrus lined waterways and the lovely water lily laden lagoons, with the knee deep floodplains is a sure attraction in this part of the world in Africa. With the continuous stretch of sand that is a major feature of Africa , the Okavango Delta is an irresistible source of beautiful life in the country and provides a fascinating combination of wild interests and memorable tours.

It is an alluvial fan of debris and sediment which filled a huge trough that was formed when the earth’s crust sunk into the ground. So these line of parallel faults along the River Okavango is what make up the lovely region of Okavango.

Fed by the River Okavango this is a beautiful paradise that has its origins over 800 miles in the high regions of Angola. These highlands have rainfall between 1200 mm and 2000 mm every year and these are much higher compared to the 400 to 600 mm in the Okavango region. The delta thus has a fluctuating climate that depends on the local rains and also the floodwaters of the Angola region.

Wild safari tales from okavango

As the spill over from the river pushes softly in the Okavango Delta the whole region exhibits a kind of beauty that is irresistible. This is what attracts tourists to this part of the world and the extraordinary variety of habitats gives the perfect surrounding for all kinds of animals to live here and people love to come here and watch them.

So get to see the best sights of buffalo, zebra, elephants and lions alongwith cheetahs, leopards and many other types of carnivores. The water levels at Okavango reach a maximum in the months of June and July. The Moremi Game Reserve in fact has a large area of constant water and thus game viewing is very good here in the dry season as the animals are all drawn towards sources of water that are permanent. Moremi does not have any fence between it and the private reserves so the whole of Okavango combines into a united animal kingdom and showcases the best kind of biodiversity ever seen in this part of the world.

Every region has its own kind of habitat and the resident predators and herds are the mainstay here. Get to see the pangolin, porcupine , genet and aardwolf. November to March is the best time to visit this beautiful paradise and the hot rainy season makes the roads quite bad yet the advantage that one has over the viewing of animals here is what makes tours here very fascinating. Tourists coming here love to enjoy the game watching experience. The lush landscape and the verdant beauty is a great sight and travellers take with them a great memory as they go back.

Okavango delta attractions

When people come here in the months of April to October they get to see animals near the water holes. Most of Okavango dries up during this time and people like to see the lovely sights of this beautiful verdant paradise filled with the best adventurous delights.

There are unique safaris  here in the Okavango Delta and tourists really love to enjoy a tent experience and also a houseboat ride in this beautiful region. The safaris normally start from the Kabbo Houseboat and as the tourists are transferred across the border into Namibia the entire experience takes off with great thrill. The sunset at Okavango River is another mesmerizing sight to behold. Here one also gets to see the variety of bird species and many hippos and crocodiles

Then one goes to a region called Maun which gives a great picnic experience. Then one goes to Xakanaxa airstrip and reaches the Moremi Game Reserve and one really gets enthralled by the diverse biodiversity of the entire area. There are many afternoon games drive which are along the flood plains of the River Khwai.

Safaris in okavango

The safari goes through Savute in the Chobe National park and then the sights of the River Chobe area totally fascinate the tourists. Then Zambia, and finally it is the end of the safari.

Safaris in Okavango Delta are very interesting and fascinating. Enjoy them.

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