Wildlife Experiences at the Cairns Night Zoo

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Enjoy the lovely experiences of wildlife at the Cairns Zoo and experience the pleasures of a lovely land filled with the best of pleasures. Get to see the beauty of wildlife, the fascination of holding, feeding, and also encountering the wildlife here. The tours here are interactive, and filled with information. Here people would enjoy the pleasures of seeing koalas, cassowary feeding, alligator viewing, lizard delights and wombats. Experience the pleasures of seeing lemurs in their enclosures and bask in the delights of a beautiful land.

The tours here are inclusive of entry to the Cairns Zoo and the best of zoo pleasures. Tourists coming here should observe certain rules so that they don’t disturb the animals. They shouldn’t wear perfume or aftershave or wear bright colours as this might disturb animals and also result in unexpected response. Wear flat shoes and also comfortable clothes so that you are comfortable in this beautiful wildlife paradise.

Cairns zoos wildlife

Tourists coming here enjoy the pleasures of a perfect wildlife experience and are located in the region of Cairns. There is no other place in Australia that you would find such a beautiful land filled with the delights of great wildlife sights. This is the best oasis in this part of the world and is around 20 minutes from the mainland. Since the year 1980 the zoo has been involved in entertaining the visitors of all ages.

Walking around the zoo would give you the sights of the best kind of tropical gardens and also fascinating rare animals not only from Australia but also from other regions of the world. So get to see the Ring tailed lemurs and the red pandas. Visitors coming here enjoy the most beautiful opportunities to see a beautiful paradise where you would get to see beautiful koalas, graceful kangaroos and giant crocodiles and many more such beautiful animals which fill your tours here with a lot of cherishable things.

Cairns attractions
Cairns Tropical Zoo is around 20 minutes drive to the north of Cairns and around 35 minutes to the south of Port Douglas at Palm Cove on the Captain Cook Highway. Tourists normally drive down to this place and enjoy the simple delights here. Cairns Tropical Zoo has the largest colony for Koalas in the Tropical North Queensland. Visitors can cuddle koalas here and sleep for around 18 to 21 hours as they have a low energy content and eat only eucalyptus leaves.

Enjoy the sights of the macropods which means long foot in Greek. Her you would get to see the Red legged Pademelons, Agile Wallabies and the Red Kangaroo. These are best viewed in the morning and the afternoon.

You can also see the wombats which are found in this part of the world and are the largest burrowing mammal and have a large cartilage plate that is normally used for protection against the predators. A wombat is in fact the only kind of marsupial with teeth that are always growing.

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Then there are the Nepalese Red Pandas that are also called the Fire Fox and they are today considered to be endangered. These pandas mainly eat bamboo and are endemic from the alpine Himalayas, India, Burma, Laos and Nepal.

Then there are the cute Tamarins which are found only in Columbia and Costa Rica and are found here. These again are an endangered species and they are a great sight here as they are seen eating fruits, nectar etc.

Tourists also like to see the ring tailed lemurs which are considered to be cheeky characters. Tourists like to see these fascinating animals which are greatly interesting to see.

Australia is also famous for the timid native dogs which are native to this region. Dingoes came to Australia around 3500 years ago and today are found in the Cairns Zoo.

Dingoes came to australia

Then there are echidnas which are short beaked ant eaters and are found here in the zoo. These native porcupines are mammals that lay eggs. There are only three kinds of monotreme in the entire world and they are the two species of echidna and the platypus. They are a great sight here in the beautiful land of Cairns Zoo.

Visits would be incomplete without sighting the kangaroos here. So the Eastern Grey Kangaroos are very popular here and a favourite of all tourists here.

Enjoy the sights of the animals and the birds and the lovely greenery here in the beautiful ambience of the Cairns Zoo. Tourists love to come here and enjoy the pleasures of a great wildlife destination.

Cairns Zoo

Visit the Cairns Zoo and enjoy the pleasures of a beautiful land filled with best wildlife sights.

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