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Come to Australia the continent of pleasures, and enjoy the pleasures of being in this land of exciting adventures and beautiful memories. This is one place where you get to see the most fascinating travel delights and the most cherishable tour memories. This is one major continent offering best cities and the most fascinating wildlife experiences too.

So the Adelaide Zoo is not only a feast for the eyes but also a great treat for the tourists coming to this part of the world. Come to Australia’s second oldest zoo which is incidentally the only metropolitan zoo in this part of the world to be operated without any profit in mind. This is situated in the parklands which lie just to the north of the Adelaide city Centre in the southern part of Australia. This is a completely institutional member of the Zoo and also of the Aquarium Association and the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums. The zoo is in charge of the Monarto open plains zoos which lie near the Murray Bridge.

Adelaide Zoo

With more than 300 exotic species which are of the native kind there are more than 1,800 animals which are on site. This zoo has the most recent inclusion of enclosures which are on the second stage of the exhibit of the South eastern origin. This is known as the Immersion and gives the visitor the lovely experience of walking through a jungle. One can see the Orangutans and the Sumatra Tigers here and they are quite near the tourists.

There are many architectural features which are of great importance and also have a lot of heritage value. These are under the list of the national Trust of Southern Australia. This is inclusive of an entry point in the front on the Frome Road. There is also an elephant house that existed formerly that is included in this. There is a botanical garden in the zoo and the flora and fauna found here is very intriguing and significant too. There is a Moreton Fig that was planted sometime in the year 1877. There is an exhibit of a Giant Panda which was started in the year 2009 in December. This zoo has two Giant Pandas and they with their names Funi and Wang Wang are a great attraction here.

Panda in Adelaide Zoo

Started in the year 1883, the Adelaide Zoo opened in month of May. It was built on a land of around 6.5 hectares or 16 acres which was given by the Government. Today the area of around 8 hectares is a flourishing zoo and has all the entertaining values to the tourists around. The south Australian Acclimatization and Zoological Society founded it and the society became the Royal Zoological Society of South Australia. There was a Royal Charter that was given by King George VI in the year 1937.

The zoo had exported live birds with around major Australian export dominating the export of such birds. It had mainly parrots and finches for aviculture and the exports included birds from the Taronga and the Australian zoo. Then in 1962, the system was reconstructed and since the zoo has moved away from the original culture of having the species in groups of two. Today the species are grouped such as they normally would be in forests and the exhibits are also planned such that they would be in concordance with the regional.

In the year 1885 the flamingo exhibit was started and today it is one of the few which have retained their original structure. It had 10 flamingoes initially and they almost died when there was a drought in the year 1915. Today we find around 2 flamingos here and they are more than 70 years old.

Flamingo in Adelaide Zoo

There are species in the zoo originating from the Gondwana continent made up of South America, Africa, India and South East Asia. There are lot of similarities in plants between the regions that are shown in the exhibits and those that are found in the lands mentioned.

So you can see the Sumatran Orangutan, the Siamang, the Malayan Tapir, the dusky leaf monkey, and also the Envirodome which is an educational area in the Adelaide Zoo making it a great place to be in.

Sumatran Orangutan in Adelaide Zoo

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