Alice Springs Desert Park Travel Guide

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Find the best secrets of a great land in this part of Central America and get enchanted in the lovely locales here. Visit the Alice Springs Desert which is filled with the best delights in this part of the world. This is where you would find yourself getting closer to nature and where you would get the best species of plants and animals. See these animals, feel them and see their beauty and get fascinated in this wildlife paradise. This is the best desert habitats in the world and the fauna here is greatly enthralling.

Enjoy the walking trail here and experience the pleasures of the 3 habitats here and see how well the free flying birds live here in harmony. These rare and endangered animals have a great nocturnal life and take you through a brilliant past of around four and a half million years of evolution. There are many interpretative displays, daily presentations, movie representations and audio guides which help you to enjoy the beautiful pleasures of a land filled with pleasure. The indigenous people here give the pleasures of a sight that takes you to another land filled with great delights.

Alice Springs Desert Park

There are many things that you can do here so explore the desert habitats and find the best pleasures of a great land. See the sand country; Desert Rivers and the woodlands habitat come alive here. Also see the sights of the rare creates in the theatre that is here and is found between 10 in the morning and 3.30 in the afternoon. There are spectacular bird presentations here and the exhibition centre here is another place where you get to see the best movies of this beautiful paradise. There are audio guides in four different languages French, German, English and Japanese. This is actually included in the entry price.

Just around 10 minutes from the town this is a beautiful park that is open from 7.30 in the morning to 6 in the evening. This is situated on the Larapinta Drive. It is better that visitors have around 3 hours when they visit the Desert Park. There is a great display of animals, plants and landscapes of the best deserts in Australia. The way the aboriginal people use the place is a fascination for most of the tourists and the beautiful sight of the Mac Donnel Range gives a great background for the habitats in the Central Australian Park. The natural environment and the local surroundings are very good and it is a perfect treat for all the wildlife enthusiasts.

Alice Springs Desert Park

The park is an award winning zone and gives the best sights and the most stunning ambience that a tourist looks forward to. This park is also attractive due to the presence of the larapinta bike track that takes you directly to the park. There are motor vehicles, desert park transfers and touring coaches here in the lovely land of Alice Springs Desert Park.

There are parking facilities here and this is inclusive of a coach parking and there are also designated areas for mobility and the disabled and the impaired people. Parking for all vehicles is free and the amount of activities here enables the visitors to have a lot of entertainment and provides lot of interactive sessions with the local guides.

All the activities that are available here are subject to last minute changes and so tourists may well be aware of this. There are audio guides which help the tourists go through this place. Also there are baby change rooms that are located in the courtyard, and these ensure that the mothers with small babies can relax and enjoy their tours. There are baby change rooms in the toilets also at the Nocturnal House.

Alice Springs Desert Park
There is an air-conditioned café that is situated in the courtyard. In the summer months the café is open form morning to mid afternoon and this gives great snack and lunch options and this is inclusive of wraps, rolls, cold drinks, ice cream and salads.

There are also drink  vending machines and also water bubblers that are found in various parts in the park. The machines are coin operated. Then there is a first aid room that is found in the middle of the courtyard. There is a gift shop there that is at the entry station and gives a wide range of souvenirs which are inclusive of t-shirts, toys, books, hats, knick knacks, and jewellery too. This gives you a lot of memories to take back.

Alice Springs Desert Park
With the best pleasures of a picnic area, strollers and comfortable toilets, Alice Springs Desert is a lovely place to visit.

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