Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and Travel Pleasures

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Karnataka is a land which has the best travel pleasures and the most fascinating tour delights. This is a land that is filled with the greatest luxurious adventures and is a region that would leave you gasping for more.

The Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is one such place which has the best amalgamation of tour delights and wildlife tours. So come to this land and go to the region overlooking the Bhadra reservoir. With the best safari arrangements here this is one amazing destination that on shouldn’t miss. The weather here is very perfect and the overcast clouds along with the lovely rainy ambience give the greatest thrilling memories and fill your travel with the most fascinating moments.

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary
Not much light actually seeps through this land as there is a thick covering of dense vegetation and a canopy of deciduous forests. So the lovely ambience gets further enhanced by the verdant surroundings. This is a sanctuary that was under the Project Tiger initiative of the Government t and was launched some decades back and it was mainly done with the motive of stopping the sudden decline of the population of tigers and this was one way of saving the endangered species. It is really not easy to spot a tiger here and those who do are really lucky.
A safari tour here would give you the other wildlife sights like the spotted deer and also the lovely collection of flora that is very special and typical here. Then of course you have the Barking deer which is one animal that is heard more and seen very less. The deer makes a sound which is akin to a dog barking. As the noise pierces through the quiet jungle it does make a special wildlife experience. These deer run away at the sight of human beings and it is only really lucky to see one and capture on camera. Don’t miss this lovely opportunity.

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary Safari
Then there are those herds of elephants that are often seen here without any trouble. As they come in search of water to the water hole, it is only the most experienced guide who could actually guide you through these exciting tours and who makes it possible for you to completely enjoy the wildlife thrill here.

The Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is a heaven for all the bird lovers and is the ideal way one can actually enjoy the surroundings of a place where you get to see the lovely crested serpent eagle, the jungle fowl, the black Drongos and the black headed ibis. This is where you also get to see the woodpecker pecking away to glory and also the most beautiful peacocks. Come here and enjoy the lovely sights of the green bee eaters and the white breasted water hen. Then there is the hornbill and the Malabar Grey Hornbill which makes a visit here to this land extremely memorable and very interesting.

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary Jungle Fowl
Here there are many forest officials who have made dwellings here and it is an intrigue to all to see how they inhabit these regions without any trouble and any qualms. The mobile signals here are not very clear and it is only those who live in lodges which arrange for safari tours who can go around the wildlife zones in Karnataka. So make sure you book yourself in a hotel which arranges for these fascinating memorable and cherishable tours.

There is one other special note of advice to all those who wish to come here and that is that it is better to know a smattering of the local Kannada language as it is seen that invariably the guides seem to know only the local language. But the ambience and the surroundings are so mesmerizing that language or no language, transport or no transport, you are sure to come back with an eternal feeling of having been in a land of greatest pleasures and absolute thrill.

The Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is a lovely region filled with great adventurous experiences. Do visit it.

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