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  • Wildlife pleasures in Canaima National Park

    Posted in South America | July 24, 2012
    Spread over a lovely land spread over around 3 million hectares in the south eastern part of Venezuela, the Canaima national Park provides one with the best sights of wildlife in this part of Guyana and Brazil in South America. Around 65% of the park has the beautiful formations of tepui which are a greatly unique biological entity here. They are in fact of great geological interest and have the best visual delights of waterfalls and majestic cliffs and also have the worlds highest cliff is found here, and these form a greatly magnificent landscape. Established in the year 1962, this national park doubled its size in the year 1975. The park is very popular amongst tourists for its lovely waterfalls, the Angel Falls obviously being the most attractive.  [...]
  • Tayrona National Park: Beaches + relics + ecosystems

    Posted in South America | April 12, 2011
    South America is actually famous for its adventures, beaches, and archaeological sites. When all these features tend to reside together at one place, it surely becomes a paradise for the lovers of South America. And this is none other than the Tayrona National Park that is located at 34 km and is easily accessible from Magdalena’s Santa Marta. Although it is a national park, it is the home of many archaeological relics, adventurous excursions, and natural gems such as mangrove marshes, corals, cloud forests, algae prairies, and thorny scrubland along with the mysterious flora as well as fauna all offering an indulging day out! Go surfing, sunbathe on the scenic beaches, or feel the soothing comfort of a rented nightly hammock – you are  [...]
  • Aparados Da Serra National Park

    Posted in South America | March 22, 2011
    Literally meaning the rocky evolution for forming the grasslands, the Aparados Da Serra national park stretches on the eastern frontier in southern Brazil between the Santa Catarina States and Rio Grande do Sul. Engulfing a variety of protected landscapes such as cliff foliage, forests, canyons, slopes, rivers, and other ecosystems, the park features majestic scenery, geological wonders, and adventurous activities. Above all, the main highlight is the grand Itaimbezinho Canyon naturally adorned with the blossoming biodiversity, green foliage, and plunging waterfalls. Frankly speaking, Aparados Da Serra expands alongside the southern Atlantic coast and with the widest canyons of Brazil, which stretch into the neighboring Serra Geral national  [...]
  • Galapagos Islands travel

    Posted in South America | March 8, 2011
    Despite being remote and isolated in the east Pacific, the Galapagos is now among the most visited tourist destinations on Earth. While the remote factor has contributed a lot to its this popularity, it is also responsible for rendering a unique wildlife as well as history (inspired the Theory of Natural Selection); which also have played an important role in not only its popularity, but also in designating the archipelago as the World Heritage Site. So, it is not only the leisure tourists who plan for the Galapagos islands travel, but it is also the historians and wildlife experts who frequently come here for more research. Felt as a trip away from Earth, this archipelago in Ecuador has more than 10 major atolls as well as over 5 small islets  [...]
  • Iguazu National Park, Argentina

    Posted in South America | February 15, 2011
    Nestled in the Iguazu province of Argentina, the World Heritage Site of Iguazu National Park not only protects the vigorous subtropical jungle, but also ensures endless natural surprises to its tourists. Edging the globally famous Iguazu Falls and housing the myriad of animal as well as plant species, the park is among the hot spots for the nature as well as botany lovers. So, you can expect spotting not only the wonderful falls, but also the some great natural scenery along with the rare as well as endangered species in the Iguazu National Park. In fact, the word ‘Iguazu’ stands for ‘Great Waters’ whose charm is reserved by the Iguazu falls made by the river of the same name. While cascading, the water’s vapor ascends upwards each  [...]
  • Ostional National Wildlife Refuge – best place to witness Pacific Ridley Sea Turtles

    Posted in South America | June 18, 2010
    Ostional National Wildlife Refuge was been declared as a refugee for protecting a most important nesting beach designed for the Pacific Ridley Sea Turtles, in addition to the waters offshore as of the shoreline. Quite a lot of times in the year, the female turtles arrive ashore in such a huge numbers that this sandy beach starts to look like an elongate of rocky shoreline. These episodes of group nesting are in the neighborhood mentioned as “arribadas,” or else the arrivals. Moreover one of these numerous events can anytime last from two to almost eight days by means of the majority nesting going on at the hours of darkness. When you talk to the locals, they will inform you that generally the arribadas start on three or else four  [...]
  • One Day in the Life of a Jaguar

    Posted in South America | March 17, 2010
    Have you seen a jaguar rise from his sleep sensing danger? I had the fortune of seeing one when I was in Costa Rica. In my case, it was a young male jaguar rising from his deep rest. He stretches elegantly and leaves the place of his birth forever. Shelter is not scarce here. There is plenty of deer, peccaries, and agoutis available for food. Our young male jaguar has also probably sensed the presence of females with whom he may possibly mate. However, the presence of an adult male jaguar serves as a deterrent. It is not likely that the older one would welcome rivals. The young male jaguar is no longer under the influence of his protective mother. The scent of his mother no longer lingers in the air. There is no reason for him to cling to his  [...]