Lake Manyara National Park

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Located at Arusha, Tanzania, Lake Manyara National Park is one of the beautiful parks in the world which is visited by people from all over the nations to enjoy the scenic beauty and explore the wild life species. Surrounded by lakes, cliffs and ground water forests, Lake Manyara National Park is home to several wild life species which include flamingoes, baboons, buffalo, elephant, wildebeests, African spoonbill, Egyptian geese, white pelican, zebra, lion etc. If you are looking for a fine destination to explore wildlife during your holiday, then Lake Manyara National Park is truly a scenic destination where you can conveniently enjoy the beauty of the nature and get connected with the ferocious, wild life. If you want to explore and enjoy this park, do visit this park between July and October where you can explore various mammals and several species of birds.

This 330 sq km park of Tanzania is a perfect destination to unwind and make your children enjoy their holiday to their heart’s content in this scenic place.

A best destination for wildlife adventure and fun, Lake Manyara National Park is always on the wish list of several wildlife photographers, adventurous explorers and foreign tourists. If you are looking for accommodation facilities during your trip at Lake Manyara National Park, then there are several guest houses, campsites and luxury tree house styled camp where you can enjoy your holiday stay with your family. If you love forest walks, then Lake Manyara National Park is truly a rejuvenating destination where you can enjoy the stroll and explore the lush greeneries, dense forests and listen to the chirping of several birds around the park. From mongoose, blue monkeys, red billed quelea, flamingos to tree climbing lions, countless undiscovered species can be seen at this large national park in Tanzania. If you explore every nook and corner of this park, you will see at least 100 wild life species during your trip. You can even notice several klipspringers, hornbills and various water birds which comprise pelicans, storks and cormorants.

If you love canoeing, then Lake Manyara National Park is no less than bliss. The high water levels at this park give an edge and excitement for people to enjoying canoeing during their adventurous holiday. Manyara National Park is not just a spot to discover wildlife, but also a best destination for cultural tours, picnics, forest walks, mountain bike tours and abseiling. The serene lake, lush greeneries, dense forests and the unseen wildlife species at Lake Manyara National Park will leave you spellbound. So what are you waiting for?  Reserve your air tickets and be ready to connect with adventure at Tanzania. Let your children experience some refreshing adventure this holiday at Lake Manyara National Park and discover the wild side of nature which is surrounded by countless wild life species.

Come; enjoy the thrilling wild life exploration at Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania.

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