Northumberland National Park

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Come, connect with wildlife adventure at Northumberland National Park, the most tranquilized destination covering an area of more than 1030 kms between the Scottish Border and Hadrian’s Wall. If you want to enjoy the slice of rejuvenation and adventure, then enjoy it at Northumberland National Park. Whether it is exploring the serene landscapes or the wild species, every moment spent at Northumberland National Park is adventurous, thrilling and rejuvenating. Truly inspiring, this national park based in the heart of England gives every visitor a great opportunity to discover the unseen wild species hidden in the deep forests and enjoy the panoramic view of wildlife nature. Whether it is Cheviots hill ranges or the Kielder forest, every thing at Northumberland National Park is truly scenic, visually engaging and adventurous. Let’s take a glimpse at some happening places to explore around Northumberland National Park.

  • The Cheviot Hill – Located in the north of the National park, The Cheviot Hill is a captivating destination surrounded by misty hills and valleys. If you are searching for a destination close to the rivers, hills, then The Cheviot Hill is a nice destination to enjoy the picnic with your family. You can also explore some old antiques which are kept for display at the National Park Centre, Ingram. Overall, Cheviot Hill is a serene destination to enjoy your holiday.

  • Hadrian’s Wall – If you want to get a glimpse of history, then you should definitely visit Hadrian’s wall, the most captivating and spectacular monument which stretches 73 miles across the north of England. The origin of this monument dates back to historical times as it was built during the reign of Emperor Hadrian. This monument has become a great source of excavation for archaeologists to discover some old, priceless objects existed during the Roman Empire. There’s lot to discover at Hadrian’s Wall. Greenlee lough is a nice destination to enjoy the panoramic views of wildlife ponds and birds around the trees. You can discover lot of wildlife species like goosanders, goldeneyes, widgeons, pochards and teals. There are also other wildlife species like willow warblers, mute swans, reed buntings, herons, otters, foxes, roe deer which have made their base in Northumberland National park. Whether you are coming for exploration or wildlife adventure, Northumberland National Park is your gateway to experience every thrill. There are lot of activities and events like cycling, photography, horse riding, water sports and survival skills being held at Northumberland National park. A great destination for caravanning and camping, Northumberland National Park gives you the opportunity to enjoy a wide array of activities like excursions to historical places, quad biking, horse riding, clay pigeon shooting, sailing, climbing, cycling, fishing, golf, swimming etc. There are lot of pubs, restaurants and cafes in Northumberland National Park where you can relish on wide range of cuisines ranging from scrumptious French cuisines, Thai delicacies, and Vietnamese food to Chinese delicacies. Every facility that you need during your exploration trip is available at Northumberland National park.

So, be ready to live the adventurous exploration at Northumberland National Park, England.

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