Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

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If you happen to be in Kerala, India this year, make sure you include Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary in your travel itinerary. The sanctuary is placed at the south eastern part of a bio diversity hotspot known as the Western Ghats. The sanctuary is a heaven to visit due to the huge number of sights and beautiful landscapes.

The diverse species of flora and fauna that is on display here is what makes for an exceedingly rewarding destination. The park has an area of more than a hundred and twenty eight sq kilo meters and is home to the famous Agasthyakoodam hill, with a height of 1, 890 m.

Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary is filled to the brim with varied animals, birds and plants. On a safari at the sanctuary, you will come across creatures like Barking Deers, Lion-tailed Macaques, Indian Porcupines, Tigers,

Wild Boars and Nilgiri Langurs, Nilgiri Tahrs, Elephants,

Malabar Squirrels, Sloth Bears, Jungle Cats, Sambars and Gaurs right from the start.

The reptile population here is another highlight of the sanctuary, with a variety of reptiles such as Lizards, Pythons, Vipers, Flying Snakes, Rat Snakes and Cobras.

The avian species here are no less impressive, with a host of the most exotic birds, and this is inclusive of Little Cormorants, Little Green Heron, King Fishers, Woodpeckers,

Common Mynas, Gray Jungle Fowl, Darters, Indian Hill Mynas, Brahminy Kites, Indian Cuckoos, White-breasted Water Hen and Little Egrets.

There are a number of hiking trails that will bring you closer to the nature and the wildlife here. There are a huge number of excellent sights worthy of note. The best time to visit the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary is from Oct to Jan.

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