Wild Pleasures from Satkosia gorge And Wildlife Sanctuary

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Experience the wildlife locales in the state of Odisha in the eastern part of India and enjoy the pleasures of being in this lovely locale. Spread over 796 square kilometres, this is a beautiful region in this part of the world. Spanning over the districts of Budh, Angul, Nayagarh, and  Cuttack, the Satkosia gorge has a great landscape and has the best travel features. With the river Mahanandi flowing through this regional the wonderful gorge here is a sight to see and traverses a distance of around 22 kilometres.

The sanctuary at Satkosia is very famous for the deciduous forests and the moist peninsular Sal forests. With a plethora of fauna, with pleasurable sights of the leopard, tiger, gaur, elephant , spotted deer, sambar and the mouse deer, this is a greatly fascinating land in this part of the world. So come here and enjoy the pleasures of being in a wildlife paradise and get to see the best of tour ecstasies here.

With a variety of migratory birds and also resident avifauna, the reptilian species are also a mainstay in the Satkosia Wildlife sanctuary. The sights of the mugger crocodile, gharial, poisonous and non poisonous snakes, and the fresh water turtle all provide the best tour sights to the wildlife lover. Come here and enjoy the Gharial Research and Conservation Unit at Tikarapada and enjoy the distinctive beauty of this place.

Satkosia gorge Wildlife Sanctuary
Lying around 220 kilometres from the city of Bhubhaneshwar the Satkosia Gorge Wildlife Sanctuary is very well connected with the nearest railheads and is thus accessible from all part of India. The sanctuary is approached from the districts of Boudh, Nayagarh and Angul. Meramundali is the nearest railway station and Bhubhaneshwar the nearest airport. There is an entry fee that is charged and the rates are different for adults, overseas visitors, and children.

The people coming to the sanctuary can best come during the months of October to April. There are forest rest houses where one can stay and there is also the rest house at Tikarpara and at Ahhamundia which is maintained by the Forest Authorities.

With the beautiful trees surrounding the place and with the best variety of fauna, the Satkosia Ganda is a lovely gorge and has the sights of the most fascinating river bodies and also the mesmerizing coastal plains. The river bed in this gorge is very narrow and is just a few furlongs. This is the gorge which splits the River Mahanandi into two and these two parts are separately accessed from Boudh and nayagarh. With the Athamallik and the Angul regions forming the background, the landscape is best enjoyed by the tourists and also the hunters earlier.

Come to Badmul near Chhamundia and see the observatory here which is a greatly pleasurable place giving the best view of the gorge. Around 8 km from the region of Badmul is the habitat development for the natural breeding centre where the animal is located. The tree top machans and the platforms give the facility to view the animal movements at night.

Satkosia gorge Wildlife Sanctuary Orissa
Then there is Sitalpani which is a great spot atop the hill and this is a place where one gets cold water perennially.

T hen there is the Baisipalli sanctuary which is very rich in flora and fauna and lies along the River Mahanadi. Get to see the Gharial Crocodile Sanctuary here and enjoy the sights of the beautiful forests in and around.

Fishing eagles, hornbills, crested serpent eagles, rare flying squirrels, star tortoise, drongo, rock python, gharial, monitor lizard, and the Mugar crocodile are found here. Then you also have the leopard, striped hyena, dhole, wild dog, sloth bear, Indian wolf, chital , mouse deer, barking deer, nilgai, chousingha, mugger, terrapins and many other snakes.

Satkosia gorge Wildlife Sanctuary information
With the trees like the Sal, Dhawara, Karada, Teak, Bamboo, Asan, the Mahanadi Wildlife Division has this sanctuary as a major tourist attraction and gives the best type of salt lick and also fodder style grass . The Satkosia Gorge and Wildlife Sanctuary gives great tour experiences to the tourists and is a must see in travels in Eastern India.

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