Trondheim, Norway – Wildlife

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Trondheim is one of Norway’s most beautiful locations, which is saying something, since the country is definitely one of the most beautiful in Europe. The region is filled with a large and diverse variety of animal species, all of them extremely interesting for the wildlife enthusiast.

There are animals such as bears, badgers, wild cats, insects, birds, deer, snakes, roa deer, foxes, wolves, adders, squirrels, lynx and elks.

The vast outdoors here, the fjords, the woods, the forests, the mountains all of it can be can be found filled with the best in terms of wildlife and natural beauty. Elks are the biggest Norwegian wood animals. The male adult elk can get to be more than eight hundred and fifty kilo grams and upto 240 cm tall.

The main species in Trondheim are being protected by Norwegian environment authority. You will see squirrels all over Norway, especially on top of the pine trees. Ekorn is a Norwegian red squirrel that lives in the upper north of the region. Lynx is another beautiful animal found in the central and north Norway. Norway also has a substantial whale population, which makes for a superb experience.

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