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  • India to ban Tourism involving Tigers

    Posted in News | July 31, 2012
    It has been proved that tigers promote tourism.The Supreme Court however has recently in the month of July 2012, ordered a ban on the tourism in the main areas of government run tiger reserves. There would be another hearing in the month of August. This is an announcement that has raised a lot of questions in everybody’s mind and everyone wonders if this is the end of tiger tourism in the subcontinent. It is very crucial to know that this is not a blanket ban on tourists preventing them from entering national parks etc. Instead it is an order to stop tourists from entering the main tiger area of the parks. What exactly is “core area” would be decided in the August hearing. It has already been agreed that the main demarcations  [...]
  • Wildlife pleasures in Canaima National Park

    Posted in South America | July 24, 2012
    Spread over a lovely land spread over around 3 million hectares in the south eastern part of Venezuela, the Canaima national Park provides one with the best sights of wildlife in this part of Guyana and Brazil in South America. Around 65% of the park has the beautiful formations of tepui which are a greatly unique biological entity here. They are in fact of great geological interest and have the best visual delights of waterfalls and majestic cliffs and also have the worlds highest cliff is found here, and these form a greatly magnificent landscape. Established in the year 1962, this national park doubled its size in the year 1975. The park is very popular amongst tourists for its lovely waterfalls, the Angel Falls obviously being the most attractive.  [...]
  • Wild Pleasures from the Borjomi Kharagauli National Park

    Posted in Europe | July 18, 2012
    Visit the central part of Georgia and come to the wilder regions in this part of the world. One of the largest parks in Europe this spans over an area of around 85,000 hectares. With around a large expanse of native forests and beautiful meadows, this is the place where you get to see the rarest flora and fauna. There are a network of exciting trails here that totally enrich your travels here and give you a stunning experience of the widest plethora of scenic views, magical ambience and the sights of lovely blossoming plants. Come here and enjoy the lovely surroundings of the National park which is located in the central part of Georgia and is a portion of the beautiful Caucasus region. With the sight of the surrounding villages that are filled  [...]
  • Wild Escapades at the Taronga Zoo

    Posted in Australia & Pacific | July 11, 2012
    Visit Australia and come back with the best pleasures in the beautiful surroundings of the Taronga Zoo. Just around 12 minutes from Sydney by ferry this is one place that is sure to take your breath away. So as you enjoy the free shows and the lovely greenery here, you would enjoy the pleasures of wildlife offered in this lovely land. There is a list of things that you could do here. First you have the option of selecting the animals that you want to se and you could just plan a day in advance as to what you would do in your visits here. Those who come here on a short visit, this would be a one time experience that would linger in their minds. Taronga Zoo has a new Entrance Plaza that gives you lot of access area to plan your entire adventure.  [...]
  • Wildlife Ecstasies from Mashatu Game Reserve

    Posted in Africa | July 4, 2012
    Situated in the Botswana region in northern part of the Tuli Game Reserve, the Mashatu Game Reserve is a great travel destination for those who visit this part of South Africa. This is a great way of spending travel time in the continent of Africa and the expanse of space and vastness of the regions completely mesmerizes the tourists. There is a variety of wildlife here and so you could find the best of travel memories here in this part of the world. Enjoy the adventurous spirits here and go on those long safaris on horse back. The walks in the wilderness and the cycling safaris here ensure you have the best time of your life and the simple feeling of seeing the big African cats is something truly cherishable. Also see the largest mammal in  [...]