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Many people visit mo a place to get the best of its views and the most ideal travel experiences there. Many travel to Bangladesh just to experience its lovely surroundings and also to understand its interesting facts. But the beauty and charm of the place is something unbeatable and there is something very intriguing about this lovely land in this part of the world which makes it a much visited spot in Asian tours. Bangladesh has some of the best species and varieties when it comes to wildlife and other flora. It allows the tourist to totally seep in the beautiful surroundings and gives a good know how of the biodiversity of this place.

Pablakhali Wildlife Sanctuary

One such place is the Pablakhali wildlife Sanctuary which exposes you to the best views of wildlife and natural beauty. Situated in the Rangamati District in the Chittagong region, this has been existing since the year 1983 and is a well developed and settled sanctuary today. Spanning over an area of around 420 square kilometers, this sanctuary though small in size offers some of the best views for the tourist. So get to see the capped langur, the Asian elephant, the hoolock, the gibbon, the rhesus macauque, the tiger, the wild boars, otter, Indian muntjak, guar, the sambar and the Indian python. Then the bird lovers would surely love to come to this haven of avifauna where you will have the best views of the herons, the little grebe, the common  coot, the egrets, the waterfowl, the common moorhen, the Asian open bill stork, the white winged wood duck and many more such beautiful varieties of birds.

Pablakhali Wildlife Sanctuary

Besides this place also has a great variety of cats, dholes, and many other fascinating animals in this region. With variations in altitude and with proper water facilities, this is a lovely place to visit in Bangladesh.

The most ideal time to visit this sanctuary is between November to May. There are bird safaris as well as jungle safaris providing the tourist the options to choose from. Accommodation is not much of a problem and it is easily available in the form of two rest houses here. The spoken language here is either English or Bengali, so locals don’t find it a problem to come here.

Bhawal National Park

Located on the Gazipur village in the division of Dhaka, the Bhawal National Park is a great national wealth. Existing since the year 1974, the park had the main objective of taking care of its wildlife. Besides it was recreated as a region of recreation for the locals here. Covering a greatly wide area, this is a place where you could get everything you wanted. Earlier it was covered by a canopy of the Sal trees. Today, there has been lot of deforestation, and there is not as much greenery as there was earlier. Today there have been a lot of replantation techniques to augment the growth here. The coppice sal forest remains the unique tree here. It is a magnificent sight and a wonderful place to observe. Earlier Bhawal National park was famous for having the best variety of creatures like the elephant, the clouded leopard, the elephant, the black panthers, the sambar deer, the peacocks and the tigers. Today most of them are not seen in this pristine land, and whatever that remains today remains a luxury for those who visit this park.

Bhawal National Park
A perfect getaway spot for most people in Dhaka, the Bhawal National park provides great travel memories.

Thus Bangladesh has its own share of wildlife haven, the Pablakhali National Park and the Bhawal National park being two interesting zones here.

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