Marvels At The Singapore Zoo

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Singapore zoo is one of the most beautiful settings for animals to live in freely in the natural surroundings and roam around the fauna and flora of the nature.

The zoo is located in the lush rain forest region, with about 3000 animals, 300 rare species of birds and reptile living in complete harmony and the massive bio-dome diverse rainforest has been recreated in 20,000 cubic meter area, makes a dramatic backdrop for the zoo.

The zoo is the nine time winner of the best leisure experience award and is a must visit for every visitor to Singapore.

Singapore Zoo

The zoo has been meticulously planned and creates an environment for a friendly interaction between the animals and mankind, with elevated platforms offering a close view of the life of the animals, the underwater galleries offer you a marvelous insight in the marine life, the glass partition to observe the cheetahs and lions gives you an over the edge feeling.

You may have intimate encounters with animals, have breakfast with apes in the Orangutan habitat, and the kangaroos will eat out of your palms.

Singapore Zoo White Tigers Singapore Zoo Tour Bus

The kids will enjoy the play and ride, eats and treats, the visit to the animal farms, or a meal at KFC or Ice cream scoops at Ben and Jerry scoop shops or take rides on the friendly elephants.

You may explore the wild life here on foot, or on guided train or buggy and you will be amazed to watch the valley of Baboons set in the rugged landscape resembling the East African continent, or a trip to reptile world will make you feel eerie, or a breakfast with apes will make you squeal with delight.

Tourist Attraction In Singapore Zoo Green Snake at Singapore Zoo

Singapore in Asia is a marvel and has a lot to offer in terms of tourism.


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