Big Cats Rescue Conducted By PrideRock Wildlife Refuge

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PrideRock Wildlife Refuge is located in Kaufman County, Texas; and sits on a comfortable 9 acres of land that is located about 30 miles east of Dallas. It is a nonprofit organization that is said to have helped out with the big cats rescue and has been doing that for a while now. Learn more about them.

About PrideRock:

According to anyone and everyone who’s visited PrideRock or been part of their voluntary activities, the place is a safe haven for Big Cats who may have been abandoned, abused or confiscated. The big cats rescue operations conducted by the family of PrideRock is a commendable job in itself. Most of these animals were no longer being cared for by their previous owners; and this could have been the case for a number of reasons. Regardless of the reasons, they’ve been taken under the wings of the PrideRock family now. The Refuge is currently being operated by Gary and Carol Holliman, and they’re currently housing about 12 tigers, 7 lions, 8 wolf dogs, 8 cougars and a herd of their own familial dogs.

The Mission:

As Gary Holliman puts it, Big Cats were never meant to be pets. The endeavor of domesticating this magnificent animal will often end tragically either for the cat or the owner.

The mission of PrideRock is to prevent any sort of cruelty being meted out to the animals. The Wildlife Refuge created by this couple is said to be home for the Big Cats rescue animals and this could well be their home for the rest of their lives.

The refuge focuses on creating specie-specific enclosures where the residents can have enriching and recreational activities for the animals involved. Each animal here will be given veterinary care, diet and nutrition, as per its individual needs. PrideRock takes this entire experience a step further by allowing for summer internships where people can realize their dreams of wanting to educate themselves about these beautiful creatures and they would learn how to properly care for them.

As Carol Holliman says, it gives people an opportunity to become one with nature, and this helps them better understand what it is that they need to do once they go back home from this internship as well.

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