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Botswana is a region that is filled to the brim with wildlife of every description. You will find numerous species of birds, animals and plants. Let us look at some of the best places to visit in the country if you want to make the best of your visit.

The Central Kalahari Game Reserve . . .

The Central Kalahari Game Reserve is a semi desert reserve that has an assortment of game sightings right in the traditional natural settings that has made Botswana famous as a wildlife destinations. You will see many species here.

Kalahari Gemsbok National Park

Kalahari Gemsbok National Park is a pristine destination that is wild and unspoiled. The location is a bit remote and it is a bit difficult to access. However the trip is very much worth it. You can take guided tours to Gemsbok and experience the actual wilderness of the Kalahari region. It is an extremely rewarding experience.

Makgadikgadi National Park

Makgadikgadi National Park is where you will find that ecological environments most often have a transient nature. These change quite quickly over time, and along with this the wildlife that depends upon the environments also changes. The numerous islands, the salt pans as well as the baobab trees here reminds one of what it was like once before. The site was once home to the largest lake in the whole of Africa. The lake was larger even that the Lake Victoria, but is now no more.

Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park is home to the largest number of elephants in the entire world. The region houses elephants in their own natural habitat. The wildlife reserve is fabulously beautiful, with a rainfall that is higher than the national average. The tropical vegetation here is a definite attraction.


For Birdwatchers, there are a great number of birds, most of them rare. There are migratory as well as resident species here. Botswana is home to a number of birds of prey as well as raptors.

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