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  • How Whale Power Corporation Developed Enhanced Fan Blades?

    Posted in News | February 25, 2013
    A US Biologist Frank fish saw a hunchbacked structure of a whale in a gift shop. He was shocked and perplexed to find bumps on the wrong side-the front edge of flipper. Frank fish started thinking if this posture of the sculpture was right then one of the cardinal and most important lesions of mechanics is wrong, as till that point it was believed that a smooth leading edge reduces the drag. However Fish discovered that the humpbacks flipper bumps, termed as –TUBERCLES – improve lift, mobility and performance. This news came as a pleasant surprise to him. Today Whale Power Corporation in Ontario, Canada develops and markets tubercle enhanced fan blades that have the capacity to move 25 percent more air then the conventional fan blades while  [...]
  • The Bar Tailed Godwit Bird Navigation System

    Posted in News, Wildlife A-Z | January 8, 2013
    The latest discovery will jolt all the modern day devices of navigation, and the new navigational device to reckon with is- the bar tailed godwit’s navigational system. Wild life creatures fascinate with their movements, features, characteristics and style. The Bar Tailed Godwit Bird undertakes one of the most marvellous and amazing migrations ever witnessed by mankind. The birds 7,000 miles (11000 km) journey can last for more than approximately eight days. Researchers believe that a couple of bird’s species make use of the magnetic field of the earth in order to navigate, just like they had a compass built within their brain. There is also a likelihood that the Godwit also navigates with the help of the sun during the day and with the  [...]
  • Hunting Adventure At Sherman

    Posted in News | January 1, 2013
    Sherman, Texoma, a small picturesque city was in the limelight recently. Sherman is well known for its hog hunters and local hunters and a national television channel- animal planet decided to make a film on hunting of the wild boar. The entire hunting operation was shot and will be televised in the first week of New Year. The local hunters got a break when the animal planet had seen them in action hunting for wild boars and this time they decided to shoot the thrilling, exciting, dramatic encounter for a show- “Eating the Enemy”, a show based on the concept – to hunt the rare invisible species and turn them in delicacies. The local restaurant owners also participated in this hunt and finally hunted down a wild hog, which are prone to  [...]
  • News about Phillippines and Birds

    Posted in News | August 7, 2012
    It is said that Phillippines could have more unique species than ever thought before. Phillippines is considered to be a very hot biodiversity spot. It has the best species of birds than ever thought. Most of the animal species found here are totally endemic. So this land of around 7,100 islands is perhaps the only place which are around 77% of amphibians More than 31% of birds are only in Phillipines. The bird fauna here is a distinct species and is made up of lovely perching birds that have not been found anywhere in the world. the samples of the Phillippines populations of the species were always a little different from the samples in other parts of this south eastern part of Asia. Earlier taxonomics used plumage color to be able to identify  [...]
  • India to ban Tourism involving Tigers

    Posted in News | July 31, 2012
    It has been proved that tigers promote tourism.The Supreme Court however has recently in the month of July 2012, ordered a ban on the tourism in the main areas of government run tiger reserves. There would be another hearing in the month of August. This is an announcement that has raised a lot of questions in everybody’s mind and everyone wonders if this is the end of tiger tourism in the subcontinent. It is very crucial to know that this is not a blanket ban on tourists preventing them from entering national parks etc. Instead it is an order to stop tourists from entering the main tiger area of the parks. What exactly is “core area” would be decided in the August hearing. It has already been agreed that the main demarcations  [...]
  • Latest on Wildlife News

    Posted in News | March 27, 2012
    Wildlife has never ceased to interest the tourists and it is only a nature enthusiast who would wriggle his travels to those parts of the world which would give the most fascinating travel delights. The latest news is that the Olive ridley turtles have arrived in the Gahirmatha Beach in the state of Orissa and they have laid eggs and this has been welcomed with a lot of enthusiasm and delight by the nature lovers. The forest officials are also equally excited about this. There is supposed to be an estimated 46,000 female turtles which were found digging pits on the nesting ground that is mainly for the laying of eggs as per the forest officials. This year the number of visiting turtles is on the decline yet there are around 5 lakh turtles that  [...]
  • Get Wild, Get Wet in India

    Posted in News | August 30, 2011
    When in India, think wild and you will get to know a mixture of diversely born wildlife. The parks, sanctuaries across the country are home to some of the rarest and most threatened species in the world. The country stands amongst 17 in the world to have 60 to 70% of the biodiversity in the world. Around 7.6% mammals, 12.6% reptiles are found to inhabit India and the country is home to some of the best kind of plants and animals. India, originally was a part of the Gondwana land and over a period of geographical changes the country is what it is today. So it is not very surprising that most of the Asian mammals are found in India. With around 4.5% birds which are endemic we have the reptilians sharing a good 45.8% and the amphibians 55.8% as  [...]
  • Mysterious Kiwi found in Russia

    Posted in News | May 10, 2011
    Recently, a kiwi was found in Sochi, a Russian resort town. The bird had been living in a garden for more than three days before it was found. Experts say that the bird should be handled properly as the bird has a potential for aggression. What is astounding scientists and laymen alike is how the bird that is commonly found in New Zealand got to the resort town of Sochi in Russia. Kiwis cannot fly. They are featured in the list of endangered animals. It is believed that the bird may have been a stowaway on a cruise ship from New Zealand. However port officials denied this possibility, as all cruise ships are tightly controlled. The nighttime bird is normally shy. Paul Kavanagh, Senior Officer Queenstown’s Kiwi Birdlife Park stated to the media  [...]
  • Australian Lizard Moves From Egg Laying To Birth Giving

    Posted in News | December 2, 2010
    This is perhaps an example of evolution being caught in the act. Scientists are baffled by the fact that one species of the Australian lizard that used to lay eggs has now abandoned the act. It is now giving live births. The yellow-bellied and three-toed skin is said to be found around the warm coastal lowland areas around New South Wales. They have always been known to lay eggs in order to reproduce. However, a startling revelation has been that the giving birth to its young ones. There have been only two other modern reptiles who have been capable of this phenomenon. This would include another species of skin and a lizard from Europe. According to records maintained about species evolution, it has been seen that almost a hundred lineages  [...]
  • The Volcano At Mount Longonot National Park Seems Active

    Posted in News | November 18, 2010
    There is a sight that is a must-see when you come to Nairobi. This is seen when you approach the cliffs of the Great African Rift Valley. The mount of Mount Longonot rises up from the floor of the valley that surrounds the region. A lot of years back, there was a national park that was created in the region surrounding the mountain. This effort was made to ensure that more tourists visited the region. This volcano had, anyway, been a dormant volcano for a very long time now. However, if you take into consideration the stories published on the blogs of volcanologists’, then the story is altogether different. The stories are much more sinister than the official story put together by the park officials and tourist attractions. The pictures that  [...]