Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica

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Corcovado is rather off the beaten path when compared to more popular Costa Rican destinations such as Manuel Antonio. The Corcovado National Park, however, has made sure that the flow of visitors in the recent years has continued increasing. The national park is situated on the Pacific coast of the Costa Rica at the Osa Peninsula.

The park is home to a huge range of biodiversity that makes for a superbly rewarding experience. There is no dearth to quality at all. The Osa Peninsula was described as “the most biologically intense place on earth” by the National Geographic.

In addition to the national park, Corcovado is also home to some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful beaches. It is possible to pitch a tent right at the beach and enjoy an entire night of oceanfront tranquility.

Flora and Fauna . . .

The Corcovado National park provides its visitors with a range of wildlife that Costa Rica is famous for. The park has close to hundred amphibian and reptilian species and is inclusive of translucent glass frogs, crocodiles and more.

There are a hundred and thirty nine mammal species. This makes up almost ten per cent of the total species of mammals in the entire North and South Americas. This is inclusive of squirrel monkeys, tapirs, big cats, bats, jaguars and others. There are close to four hundred species of birds. Out of these, twenty birds are endemic to the Corcovado region itself. The park is also home to the biggest number of scarlet macaws in the whole of Central America.

Accessing the Corcovado National Park . . .

Drake Bay and Puerto Jimenez located on the eastern coast of Osa Peninsula are close to the main points of entry at Corcovado National park, the San pedrillo and La Leona. The headquarters of the park are the Estacion Sirena, the largest ranger station.

Also . . .

It is possible to arrange night time hikes through the Corcovado National Park at the Puerto Jimenez.

Corcovado National Park Admission:

US $ 8.

Size . . .

Corcovado National Park extends for two hundred and sixty three sq mi.

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