Crater Lake National Park

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Crater Lake National Park is located in southern Oregon in the United States. John Hillman was the first white to have discovered the lake, way back in 1853. Set up in 1902 (thanks to the efforts of naturalist William Gladstone Steel), Crater National Park is the sixth oldest national park in the country. Medford is the nearest city to Crater Lake National Park. The park is spread over an area of 18,224 acres and is governed by National Park Service. The highest point in Crater Lake National Park is Mt. Scott at 2,722 metres.

About Crater Lake: Crater Lake located at the centre of the national park is the deepest lake (594 metres at its deepest point) in the United States. The caldera is located in the remains of a destroyed volcano (Mount Mazama). The lake surface has an elevation of 1,883 metres. The lake has no outflow or inflow and its water content is entirely dependent on the forces of precipitation and evaporation. The lake has a splendid blue hue. The high elevation of Crater Lake ensures almost perennial snowfall (533 inches of snowfall on average). Summer is the best time to visit the lake as all approaching roads, trails and communication facilities remain open at this time. Fishing is allowed in the lake which contains species like Kokanee Salmon and rainbow trout.

Reaching Crater Lake National Park:

By air: Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport, located north of Medford and 80 miles south of the park, is the closest airport.

By road: The park is accessible from Eugene in Portland as well as Bend and central Oregon from north; from Medford and Klamath Falls from south.

Getting around:

Mainly hiking and boat trips. The 33-mile long Rim Drive encircling Crater Lake can be hiked to explore the region. Horse riding trails are also there.


Entry fee to the park is $10 for seven days.

  • Crater Lake
  • The Pinnacles (eerie spires of eroded ash that rise from the edges of Sand and Wheeler Creeks)
  • Lost Creek Campground.
  • The movie called ‘The Crater Lake Story’ shown at Steel Information Center
  • Rim Village Visitor Center
  • Sinnott Memorial Overlook
  • Lightning Springs
  • Cleetwood Cove
  • Mount Scott
  • Sun Notch Viewpoint
  • Crater Peak
  • Kerr Notch
  • Sun Notch Viewpoints
  • Phantom Rock
  • Boat tour to explore Crater Lake (also hiking to the lake surface via Cleetwood Trail)
  • Guided tours of Wizard Island ($25 per person)
  • Fishing in the lake (from May 20 to end October). No license is required. However, no organic bait can be used. Fishes are also available in numerous streams located in the park but they are largely inaccessible.
  • Scuba diving (free permits can be obtained from Canfield Building in the Park headquarters)
  • Day hiking (over 90 miles of trails)
  • Swimming
  • Bicycling (only on paved roads and the Grayback Drive)
  • Camping (Crater Lake National Park has two campgrounds, namely, Lost Creek Campground and Mazama Campground)
  • Crater Lake Lodge (normally open from mid-May through mid-October)

  • Mazama Village Motor Inn
  • The Historic Prospect Hotel

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