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  • Great Himalayan National Park – come closer to Wildlife

    Posted in Asia | November 8, 2011
    India is synonymous with the Great Himalayas. They are a major source of inspiration and respect and awe. Today they stand tall as the largest mountains in the whole world. They are called Devbhumi or the abode of Gods. One of the best Mountain regions in the entire planet are a great store house for biological habitats and biodiversity. This ecological structure of the Himalayas led to the Great Himalayan National Park being created. This lies in the district of Kullu in the state of Himachal Pradesh. This expanse of land has the greatest biodiversity, with very few people living here and the place is also inaccessible, and not many tourists go here. Today this is an important source of water in the villages and the cities of the region of  [...]
  • Sariska National Park – Delve into Nature

    Posted in Asia | November 1, 2011
    Come to the land of Rajasthan in India and enter the district of Alwar and see the pristine surroundings of Sariska National Park and see the beauty of the ambience. With the dry forests of deciduous trees see the beauty of the changing seasons and the magnificence of the undulating terrain here. Come to the plateau region and enjoy the splendour of the huge valleys. Here you would enjoy the beautiful existence with the herbivores, tigers, sambar, spotted deer and the blue bulls living together in harmony. Existing since the year 1978, the entire zone spans over an area of around 866 square km. The forest was part of the state of Alwar and was actually used as a hunting reserve for the entire royalty. Then when India got independence, this  [...]
  • Dudhwa National Park – come closer to Wilderness

    Posted in Asia | October 18, 2011
    Yes come to the Dudhwa National Park and feel closer to nature. Situated in the sub Himalayan zone between the countries of Nepal and India, in the district of the Lakhimpur Kheri, this lovely location in the State of Uttar Pradesh in India is a part of the Terai belt. If you want to reach Dudhwa National Park from Delhi then you would cross Shajehanpur and Bareilly . It is around 450 km from Delhi. If you are coming from Lucknow then you would cross Lakhimpur and Sitapur. Dudhwa National Park is around 250km from Lucknow. Again from Shajehanpur this park is around 110 km. The vast expanse of around 190 sq km of absolute greenery and the beautiful surroundings of the Kishanpur Wildlife sanctuary which spans over 203 sq km, the total expanse  [...]
  • Garden Of Eden – Melghat Tiger Reserve

    Posted in Asia | October 11, 2011
    Situated on the southern side of the Hill mountains of the Satpura in the central portion of India, lies the Melghat Tiger Reserve. This is also known by the name Gavilgarh hills. There is a high mountain which runs from east to west. The highest point is the Virat peak which is the southern portion of the reserve. This is the main place where the tigers live. With the dry deciduous forest here the main tree is the teak. There are five rivers which drain this region and these are the Dolar, Sipna, Gadga, Khapra and the Khandu. All these are the tributaries of the Tapti River. The River Tapti lies in the northeastern part of the Melghat Reserve. Melghat has a lot of importance with respect to topography and has a rugged landscape. There are  [...]
  • In the land of Wilderness – Nanda Devi National Park

    Posted in Asia | October 5, 2011
    Come and fall in love in India. Fall in love with the flora, the fauna and the beautiful natural surroundings around. Come to Nanda Devi national park and love the beautiful bio diversity here. Come to the second highest mountain range with the best combination of Mother Nature. With the pristine surroundings and the beauty of the idyllic ambience Nanda Devi National Park was found in the year 1980 and has some of the best peaks in this part of western Himalayas. With snow leopards and Himalayan Black bear the main inhabitants here you also have the brown bear, bharal, Himalayan thahr, chir pheasants and the nonal. So when you are anywhere in the western Himalayas don’t miss this beautiful verdant expanse of reserve of wildlife. Spread over  [...]
  • When Elephants Come Calling – Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

    Posted in Asia | September 27, 2011
    Whenever you are in this part of India do make sure that you do not miss this lovely expanse of Greenland called the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a virgin paradise and is God’s own land Kerala’s pride and is proof to Mother Nature’s blessings. With the Western Ghats dominating the boundaries the deciduous forests here are the perfect residence for the tigers, gaurs, sambars, lion tailed macaques and also the Nilgiri langurs. When a tourist comes here he is first struck by the pristine ambience of the place and then with all the elephant rides and the lake cruises with the adventurous treks to the temple of Mangala Devi the entire experience is heavenly. Do not miss this place in India and make Thekkady a must see spot in your travel  [...]
  • Wild Fantasies in Bandhavgarh

    Posted in Asia | September 20, 2011
    Want to fantasize yourself in a wild experience? Want something wild to happen in your life? Visit Bandhavgarh the land of the wild. You would automatically be transported to your wildest dreams and would be in wild ecstasy. Situated at a level of 800m visit this land of the wilderness in the months of February to June. Bandhavgarh National Park is closed during the months of July to October. Spanning an area of around 450 square km, with a main area of around 105 square km, this is one of the best wild life sanctuaries in this part of the world. Located in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India, this is located near Jabalpur. Deriving its name from the fort Bandhavgarh nearby, this is ensconced in the mountain ranges of the majestic ranges of  [...]
  • Bandipur – Wild, Wilder, Wildest

    Posted in Asia | September 13, 2011
    With its stripes dominating its body and the yellow gleaming in between, the tiger sure is a majestic animal and to find it in one of India’s best wildlife zone is like a cherry on the already wild pie. Yes, visit Bandipur and enter an area of wild nature at its best in the district of Chamarajanagar in the state of Karnataka in the southern part of the Indian subcontinent. With wildlife over an area of 874 square km, this park at Bandipur is one of the group of national parks in this part of India. More than 70 Bengal Tigers live here along with the great Indian elephants which number more than 3000. A portion of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve it is being reviewed to be declared as a World Heritage Site. Also a tourist hub, this is amongst  [...]
  • When your Wild Dreams come true

    Posted in Asia | September 6, 2011
    Haven’t you ever wanted to go wild and live life the way you want to? Haven’t you wanted to experience the feeling of being free and just do what you wish to? This and all more is possible in the land of the wilderness – India. Yes, while in India, you could avail of the best wildlife ever and the India tours here would certainly ensure that all your wild dreams come true. Amongst the India tours, the tour of the  Indian wildlife is exciting. Starting from Delhi we could go to Jaipur and then to Ranthambore, Bharatpur, then the Bandhavgarh and then more and more excitement. On the first day you would arrive at Delhi and the representative will take you to your hotel. The next morning after sightseeing in Old Delhi and New Delhi you  [...]
  • Get Wild, Get Wet in India

    Posted in News | August 30, 2011
    When in India, think wild and you will get to know a mixture of diversely born wildlife. The parks, sanctuaries across the country are home to some of the rarest and most threatened species in the world. The country stands amongst 17 in the world to have 60 to 70% of the biodiversity in the world. Around 7.6% mammals, 12.6% reptiles are found to inhabit India and the country is home to some of the best kind of plants and animals. India, originally was a part of the Gondwana land and over a period of geographical changes the country is what it is today. So it is not very surprising that most of the Asian mammals are found in India. With around 4.5% birds which are endemic we have the reptilians sharing a good 45.8% and the amphibians 55.8% as  [...]