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  • Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

    Posted in Asia | May 31, 2011
    If you happen to be in Kerala, India this year, make sure you include Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary in your travel itinerary. The sanctuary is placed at the south eastern part of a bio diversity hotspot known as the Western Ghats. The sanctuary is a heaven to visit due to the huge number of sights and beautiful landscapes. The diverse species of flora and fauna that is on display here is what makes for an exceedingly rewarding destination. The park has an area of more than a hundred and twenty eight sq kilo meters and is home to the famous Agasthyakoodam hill, with a height of 1, 890 m. Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary is filled to the brim with varied animals, birds and plants. On a safari at the sanctuary, you will come across creatures like Barking  [...]
  • Tanzania’s Wildlife destinations

    Posted in Africa | May 24, 2011
    Tanzania is one of the most rewarding destinations in the entire continent of Africa. There are a huge number of destinations that promise a range of attractions for tourists and wildlife enthusiasts coming here. There are a huge number of safari trails offered. The forests here are filled with a range of species of varying kinds, and these provide an extremely exciting experience for tourists. Let us have a look at the main destinations that are popular with wildlife enthusiasts in Tanzania . . . 1. The Island of Zanzibar . . . Zanzibar Island is home to a huge diversity with respect to animal life, both land and marine. There are a huge number of rewarding attractions such as a beautiful underwater environment, coral reefs, marine life and  [...]
  • Baja California – My Experience

    Posted in North America | May 17, 2011
    Last summer, I got a chance to set sail to the Baja California area. It was a destination I always wanted to visit. The trip was therefore in the nature of a dream come true for a wildlife enthusiast like me. We were sailing on board the Seabird. There were fifty passengers abroad, although the ship could have held another twelve. The Sea of Cortez in the Baja California area is one of the most heavenly areas on earth, and we voyaged right deep into the area. We departed from La Paz and headed right north to the often neglected, but extremely rewarding Midriff Islands. Our trip had a number of highlights, but the one I will always remember was being surrounded by about thirty Sperm Whales. We could actually listen to the noises these whales  [...]
  • Mysterious Kiwi found in Russia

    Posted in News | May 10, 2011
    Recently, a kiwi was found in Sochi, a Russian resort town. The bird had been living in a garden for more than three days before it was found. Experts say that the bird should be handled properly as the bird has a potential for aggression. What is astounding scientists and laymen alike is how the bird that is commonly found in New Zealand got to the resort town of Sochi in Russia. Kiwis cannot fly. They are featured in the list of endangered animals. It is believed that the bird may have been a stowaway on a cruise ship from New Zealand. However port officials denied this possibility, as all cruise ships are tightly controlled. The nighttime bird is normally shy. Paul Kavanagh, Senior Officer Queenstown’s Kiwi Birdlife Park stated to the media  [...]
  • Nevada Wildlife

    Posted in North America | May 3, 2011
    The state of Nevada is famous not only as home to Las Vegas, but is also known for its remarkable range of attractions related to nature, and principally, wildlife. There are a good range of wildlife species to be seen in the state, and the state will prove to be a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. Hiking in the forests is one of the most fun ways of doing this. Nevada’s unique range of species provides a rewarding experience for visitors. There are some extremely venomous snakes, which have their home in southern Nevada. There are species such as mountain lion, kit fox, brush rabbit, raccoon, beaver, antelope, elk, bighorn sheep, mule deer and a huge number of other species. There are a huge number of bird species as well, there are species  [...]
  • Gir National Park – India’s sole sanctuary of the Asiatic Lions

    Posted in Asia | May 1, 2011
    The Gir National Park is the pride of the fascinating state of Gujarat in the west as it is the only home of 300 Asiatic Lions. Accessible from the Rajkot state and situated at the distance of 65 kms from the nearby princely state of Junagadh in Gujarat’s Saurashtra, this wildlife sanctuary is a fully conserved area of 1412 square km featuring rocky landscape, mix vegetation, and low hills. The ecosystem is quite varied here, which along with the efforts of the government, NGOs, and wildlife activists has led to the preservation of an eclectic mix of flora as well as fauna. And special thanks also goes to Nawab of Junagadh who declared the area as protected in the 1990s for conserving the lions. In the Gir National Park, you also get to explore  [...]