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  • Wildlife Experiences at the Cairns Night Zoo

    Posted in Australia & Pacific | September 6, 2012
    Enjoy the lovely experiences of wildlife at the Cairns Zoo and experience the pleasures of a lovely land filled with the best of pleasures. Get to see the beauty of wildlife, the fascination of holding, feeding, and also encountering the wildlife here. The tours here are interactive, and filled with information. Here people would enjoy the pleasures of seeing koalas, cassowary feeding, alligator viewing, lizard delights and wombats. Experience the pleasures of seeing lemurs in their enclosures and bask in the delights of a beautiful land. The tours here are inclusive of entry to the Cairns Zoo and the best of zoo pleasures. Tourists coming here should observe certain rules so that they don’t disturb the animals. They shouldn’t wear perfume  [...]
  • Wild Escapades at the Taronga Zoo

    Posted in Australia & Pacific | July 11, 2012
    Visit Australia and come back with the best pleasures in the beautiful surroundings of the Taronga Zoo. Just around 12 minutes from Sydney by ferry this is one place that is sure to take your breath away. So as you enjoy the free shows and the lovely greenery here, you would enjoy the pleasures of wildlife offered in this lovely land. There is a list of things that you could do here. First you have the option of selecting the animals that you want to se and you could just plan a day in advance as to what you would do in your visits here. Those who come here on a short visit, this would be a one time experience that would linger in their minds. Taronga Zoo has a new Entrance Plaza that gives you lot of access area to plan your entire adventure.  [...]
  • Alice Springs Desert Park Travel Guide

    Posted in Australia & Pacific | May 1, 2012
    Find the best secrets of a great land in this part of Central America and get enchanted in the lovely locales here. Visit the Alice Springs Desert which is filled with the best delights in this part of the world. This is where you would find yourself getting closer to nature and where you would get the best species of plants and animals. See these animals, feel them and see their beauty and get fascinated in this wildlife paradise. This is the best desert habitats in the world and the fauna here is greatly enthralling. Enjoy the walking trail here and experience the pleasures of the 3 habitats here and see how well the free flying birds live here in harmony. These rare and endangered animals have a great nocturnal life and take you through a  [...]
  • Adelaide Zoo Attractions

    Posted in Australia & Pacific | March 13, 2012
    Come to Australia the continent of pleasures, and enjoy the pleasures of being in this land of exciting adventures and beautiful memories. This is one place where you get to see the most fascinating travel delights and the most cherishable tour memories. This is one major continent offering best cities and the most fascinating wildlife experiences too. So the Adelaide Zoo is not only a feast for the eyes but also a great treat for the tourists coming to this part of the world. Come to Australia’s second oldest zoo which is incidentally the only metropolitan zoo in this part of the world to be operated without any profit in mind. This is situated in the parklands which lie just to the north of the Adelaide city Centre in the southern part  [...]
  • Kakadu National Park, Australia

    Posted in Australia & Pacific | July 26, 2011
    If you are keen to discover the wildlife nature during your holidays, then Kakadu National Park at Australia is a rejuvenating destination where you can explore the wild life species and enjoy the panoramic views of exciting sites like Bowali Visitor Centre, Nourlangie Rock, Yellow water and Gubara.  Located 171km east of Darwin, Kakadu National Park is quite serene and one of the largest park which is vastly surrounded by rain forests, South Alligator River, coastal beaches and rainforests. Recommended as a best destination for wildlife exploration, Kakadu National Park is the center of attraction of several tourists, explorers and travelers who flock to this place to enjoy the captivating destinations and explore the aboriginal rock sites.  [...]
  • Fiordland National Park – Land of unbelievable wonders

    Posted in Australia & Pacific | March 1, 2011
    Get ready to immerse into the deep whites, blues, and greens of the bearingly green-cool landscape sculpted naturally by the chilled glaciers. This is the totally remote, but beloved wilderness of the 59-year-old Fiordland National Park located in the heart of Te Wāhipounamu (the place of greenstone) in the South Island of New Zealand (southwest). Just a single look to this area will convince as to why this is a World Heritage Area. This is of no wonder as the entire southwest of this nation is among the vast wilderness zones in the Southern Hemisphere. The Fiordland National Park is the landscape boasting the snow-capped mountains, endless forests, profound lakes, rivers of ice, and tussock grasslands all making up for the best setting and  [...]
  • When In Perth

    Posted in Australia & Pacific | November 1, 2010
    A very large part of the Australian appeal lies in the fact that it can boast of a pretty unusual mix of wildlife. If you want to indulge in some sightseeing while in Perth, check out the options available to you. Caversham Wildlife Park: While here, you could have the good fortune of seeing some rather exotic animals and watch them in their natural habitat. This wildlife park is said to be close to Perth. There is no entry fee to the park and it is known to remain open from around 8:30 am to 5:30 in the evening. They are open all days of the week. If you choose to sightsee around this park, you will realize that this is the way to indulge in some pure relaxation. The park boasts of about seventy barbecue sites. Cohunu Koala Park: If you are  [...]
  • Shark Bay, Australia – The Ideal Natural World Heritage Site

    Posted in Australia & Pacific | October 12, 2010
    Shark Bay could be considered the western most point of Australia and is said to be made up of a conglomeration of islands and the lands that surround it. The vast sea beds spell ‘green’ and are perhaps, the largest and the richest in the world. The dugong, nicknamed the sea cow, is native to these waters. The stromatolites make for quite an interesting sight. The region of Shark Bay is also said to house five species of animals that are listed under the ‘endangered’ list. Shark Bay and World Heritage Site Listings: Shark Bay got listed as a World Heritage Site in the year 1991. This region fulfills all of the four criteria that are needed to make it to the list as a Natural Heritage Site. The Criteria For Natural Heritage Sites: Encapsulates  [...]
  • The Most Complex Ecosystem of the World – Daintree Forest

    Posted in Australia & Pacific | September 2, 2010
    The Daintree Forest is said to be around 80,000 meters north of the Cairns region in Queensland. It is said to be one of the largest and also the oldest sections of the rainforest that has survived in Australia. What sets this region apart is the fact that it plays home to what could perhaps be called the most diverse variety of animals and plant system in the world. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that all of this takes place within a 1,200,000 square meter radius. The Daintree forest region is said to be the second largest rainforest in the world, second only to the Amazon in South America. There are said to be around 1000 species of plant species that are found here, and some of these are easily older than the species found  [...]
  • Baudin Conservation Park – Kangaroo Island

    Posted in Australia & Pacific | June 2, 2010
    Baudin Conservation Park is positioned on the eastern edge of the township Penneshaw on the huge Dudley Peninsula in Kangaroo Island. In addition the Bates family used to farm this area as of the year 1861 until the year 2001. Subsequent to the passing away of Vince Bates (also known as Vincent) this property was been purchased by means of National Parks and Wildlife SA (NPWSA) that was to be looked after as a general Conservation Park. This area was been declared as park officially on 3 April in the year 2002. Baudin Conservation Park – Birds Eudyptula minor do reside with the rock-strewn foreshores of this park. All of these birds are best scrutinized at the hours of darkness by means of a red-light filtered torch. As soon as observing  [...]