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  • Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica

    Posted in North America | June 28, 2011
    Corcovado is rather off the beaten path when compared to more popular Costa Rican destinations such as Manuel Antonio. The Corcovado National Park, however, has made sure that the flow of visitors in the recent years has continued increasing. The national park is situated on the Pacific coast of the Costa Rica at the Osa Peninsula. The park is home to a huge range of biodiversity that makes for a superbly rewarding experience. There is no dearth to quality at all. The Osa Peninsula was described as “the most biologically intense place on earth” by the National Geographic. In addition to the national park, Corcovado is also home to some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful beaches. It is possible to pitch a tent right at the beach and enjoy  [...]
  • Baja California – My Experience

    Posted in North America | May 17, 2011
    Last summer, I got a chance to set sail to the Baja California area. It was a destination I always wanted to visit. The trip was therefore in the nature of a dream come true for a wildlife enthusiast like me. We were sailing on board the Seabird. There were fifty passengers abroad, although the ship could have held another twelve. The Sea of Cortez in the Baja California area is one of the most heavenly areas on earth, and we voyaged right deep into the area. We departed from La Paz and headed right north to the often neglected, but extremely rewarding Midriff Islands. Our trip had a number of highlights, but the one I will always remember was being surrounded by about thirty Sperm Whales. We could actually listen to the noises these whales  [...]
  • Nevada Wildlife

    Posted in North America | May 3, 2011
    The state of Nevada is famous not only as home to Las Vegas, but is also known for its remarkable range of attractions related to nature, and principally, wildlife. There are a good range of wildlife species to be seen in the state, and the state will prove to be a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. Hiking in the forests is one of the most fun ways of doing this. Nevada’s unique range of species provides a rewarding experience for visitors. There are some extremely venomous snakes, which have their home in southern Nevada. There are species such as mountain lion, kit fox, brush rabbit, raccoon, beaver, antelope, elk, bighorn sheep, mule deer and a huge number of other species. There are a huge number of bird species as well, there are species  [...]
  • Big Cats Rescue Conducted By PrideRock Wildlife Refuge

    Posted in North America | December 14, 2010
    PrideRock Wildlife Refuge is located in Kaufman County, Texas; and sits on a comfortable 9 acres of land that is located about 30 miles east of Dallas. It is a nonprofit organization that is said to have helped out with the big cats rescue and has been doing that for a while now. Learn more about them. About PrideRock: According to anyone and everyone who’s visited PrideRock or been part of their voluntary activities, the place is a safe haven for Big Cats who may have been abandoned, abused or confiscated. The big cats rescue operations conducted by the family of PrideRock is a commendable job in itself. Most of these animals were no longer being cared for by their previous owners; and this could have been the case for a number of reasons.  [...]
  • Texas Wildlife

    Posted in North America | November 16, 2010
    Texas is known to be a state that is comprised of a number of diverse natural resources. Luckily, it is said that Texas is also said to be an extremely strong state of park systems. It is known to have a high number of federal lands as well. Whether you prefer woods, sandy beaches or mountains, you will have your pick of National Wildlife Refuges from which you could view nature. Big Thicket National Preserve: Big Thicket National Preserve is an apt playground for a visitor to view the beautiful and diverse Texas wildlife. This National Preserve is known to cover almost 100,000 acres and was the first of its types in the United States of America. This NP is home to a diverse group of animals and plants which would play host to a lot of nature  [...]
  • Drive Through Inventors – Lion Country Safari

    Posted in North America | September 23, 2010
    Long before the concept of a drive through fast food joint could have been created, Lion Country Safari came up with the idea of a drive-through. Sitting in the comforts of your own car, which may be air-conditioned, it would be extremely smooth an experience to drive through the four-mile drive-through sort of a safari. Drive through and you can witness almost a thousand animals who roam around freely which belong to a hundred different species. Take your time out and enjoy all of these antics – the white rhinos, lions, zebras, African elephants, chimps, and giraffe – and this would mean you might even witness a number of other creatures that could fascinate any wildlife enthusiast’s soul. If you visit the Lion Country Safari grounds  [...]
  • Wildlife Watching at the State of Maryland

    Posted in North America | August 1, 2010
    The state of Maryland often gets overshadowed by its more powerful neighbors, but has a lot to offer. The eastern and western shores of Maryland end up in an embrace with the Chesapeake Bay and the number of rivers there ends up making for one of the longest waterfronts that any of the states in the United States of America can boast of. Though Maryland may seem popular for its national monuments and historic parks; it does have its fair share of wildlife watching to do. Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge The Delmarva Peninsula is home to a lot of wildlife refuge areas and is thus protected land. It is home for the migrating waterfowl and similar wildlife. Blackwater is the largest of these refuges. During the peak of the migration season,  [...]

    Posted in North America | July 22, 2010
    The earliest form of wildlife management perhaps came in the form of Noah’s Ark. It took years after that, however, for governments and nations around the world to understand the need for wildlife management. The American Wildlife Regulations were set in place by around the early 1600s. The continent, however, saw a rapid decline in the number of animal species by the time around half of the 19th century had passed it by. Many private organizations came forward in the 20th century and volunteered to take up the responsibility of wildlife conservation and they made international efforts to manage the natural resources at hand. The Wildlife Experience is one such endeavor that looks at contributing to the entire platform of global conservation. THE  [...]
  • Lincoln Park Zoo – do enjoy the virtual tour in the park

    Posted in North America | July 8, 2010
    Lincoln Park Zoo is located in Chicago, moreover is amongst the oldest zoological gardens that are in the country. This park was established in the year 1868 as well as is also amongst the most modern. The Lincoln Park Zoo is regarded as one of the numerous popular tourist attractions in Chicago; each year the park greets more than 3 millions visitors, as well as provides them with extraordinary educational experiences along with enjoyment and fun. Its intimate surroundings enables the guests, old and the young in a similar way, for experiencing the excitement of gazing directly in the eyes of the lowland gorillas as well as standing next to the grazing giraffes. This park is also famous for the historical structures; this zoo has thrived at  [...]
  • Big Bend National Park

    Posted in North America | April 20, 2010
    Big Bend National Park is located in Texas (Brewstar County) in the United States. The park authority administers almost 400 km area along the US-Mexico boundary formed by Rio Grande / Río Bravo. Big Bend National Park is the largest protected area of Chihuahuan Desert topography and ecology in the United States spread over an area of 3,242 square kilometres. The park was founded in 1944. The park is administered by National Park Service. The park has been named Big Bend after the huge left-turn made by river Rio Grande that meanders its way through the Texas desert. Geography: Big Bend National Park has three distinct geographical features, namely, desert, mountain, and river. Emory Peak is the highest point at 2,387 metres. Climate: Big  [...]