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  • Gir National Park In Gujarat

    Posted in Wildlife A-Z | December 4, 2012
    Gir National Park, the home of the pure Asiatic lions is a wild life reserve which will take you in to the royal animal kingdom, and offer you wilderness away from the cacophony of the concrete jungle. You may visit Gir National Reserve and stay at the Gir Birding Lodge, Gujarat. The lodge is situated next to one of the main gates of the    Gir National Park. Driving past the sleepy hamlets close to the lodge, you realise that perhaps this is the closest you can get to the nature. The lodge, set amidst mango orchard, there are 12 cottages blending perfectly well with their natural surroundings of the    Gir National Park, and offering you a dramatic and thrilling panoramic view of the Gir National Park. You can enjoy an uninterrupted  [...]
  • Sundarbans National Park

    Posted in Wildlife A-Z | November 27, 2012
    Sundarbans National Park, a tiger’s land, at the southern seaward tip of West Bengal, is located in a thick jungle of mangrove infested trees and a biodiversity, where the famous Bengal tiger rules and commands respect. The Sundarbans tiger land is a reserve land of 4264 square km, and has been declared as a world heritage site, to protect the tigers. According to the last survey conducted there are about 250 tigers in this wild life park, and are protected and preserved by the ever vigilant security guards. The tigers in the Sundarbans are reputed to be man eaters and their prime target is the honey collectors who put their life at risk to work at beehives, and on an average about 100 people are killed in a year in this wild life by the  [...]
  • Wild Delights from Savuti National park

    Posted in Africa | November 3, 2012
    Come to the beautiful land of Africa and enjoy the wildlife here. Visit Savuti the beautiful land filled with the greatest delights and the ideal travel destination in this part of the world. A major game viewing area this is also called Savuti and spans over 1930 square miles. Lying to the south west of the Chobe National Park, this is surrounded by the Magwikhwe sand ridge. This is around 156 miles long and around 65 feet high. This is actually the ancient shoreline of a lake that spread over the northern part of Botswana. It is really unimaginable how this dry land was actually a part of a region that was below an inland sea. The River Linyanti is said to have fed the land earlier and today the dry Savuti Marsh is a great part of the Mababe  [...]
  • Exciting adventures at the Moremi Game Reserve

    Posted in Africa | October 23, 2012
    Visit Moremi the best kind of national park in this part of the world in Africa and enjoy the tours here to your heart’s content. This is the first kind of African wildlife reserve that has been an endeavor of the locals. Very environmentally aware and worried about the way the wildlife is depleting in the ancestral regions, the locals decided to stop the uncontrolled hunting and the illegal encroachment of cattle here. So the Ngamialand inhabitants called the Batawana came under the leadership of Mrs. Moremi who was the wife of their chief Moremi. She took the encouraging step to start this fascinating Game Reserve in the year 1963. Voted as the best game reserve in Africa by the African Travel and Tourism Association, the Moremi Game  [...]
  • National Parks in Estonia

    Posted in Europe | October 9, 2012
    Estonia is a lovely gem in the region of Baltic and offers the best opportunity to see a great country that is a portion of the European Union. With Tallinn as the capital ,this is a beautiful country to visit and a lovely medieval locale in this part of the world in Europe. With many fascinating beaches dotting many parts of the country , the beautiful coastline offers ideal tour pleasures to all those who come here. The Baltics are not famous for its warm weather and this is something that all tourists to Estonia should be aware of. The summers are short here and the winters are harsh here. Around 18% of land in Estonia and 30% of the sea waters are marked as protected areas. These are inclusive of landscape and nature reserves, five national  [...]
  • Wildlife Experiences at the Cairns Night Zoo

    Posted in Australia & Pacific | September 6, 2012
    Enjoy the lovely experiences of wildlife at the Cairns Zoo and experience the pleasures of a lovely land filled with the best of pleasures. Get to see the beauty of wildlife, the fascination of holding, feeding, and also encountering the wildlife here. The tours here are interactive, and filled with information. Here people would enjoy the pleasures of seeing koalas, cassowary feeding, alligator viewing, lizard delights and wombats. Experience the pleasures of seeing lemurs in their enclosures and bask in the delights of a beautiful land. The tours here are inclusive of entry to the Cairns Zoo and the best of zoo pleasures. Tourists coming here should observe certain rules so that they don’t disturb the animals. They shouldn’t wear perfume  [...]
  • Wild Safari Tales from Okavango

    Posted in Africa | August 23, 2012
    Visit the unique ecological region of the Okavango Delta. This beautiful paradise filled with the best sights of the papyrus lined waterways and the lovely water lily laden lagoons, with the knee deep floodplains is a sure attraction in this part of the world in Africa. With the continuous stretch of sand that is a major feature of Africa , the Okavango Delta is an irresistible source of beautiful life in the country and provides a fascinating combination of wild interests and memorable tours. It is an alluvial fan of debris and sediment which filled a huge trough that was formed when the earth’s crust sunk into the ground. So these line of parallel faults along the River Okavango is what make up the lovely region of Okavango. Fed by the  [...]
  • News about Phillippines and Birds

    Posted in News | August 7, 2012
    It is said that Phillippines could have more unique species than ever thought before. Phillippines is considered to be a very hot biodiversity spot. It has the best species of birds than ever thought. Most of the animal species found here are totally endemic. So this land of around 7,100 islands is perhaps the only place which are around 77% of amphibians More than 31% of birds are only in Phillipines. The bird fauna here is a distinct species and is made up of lovely perching birds that have not been found anywhere in the world. the samples of the Phillippines populations of the species were always a little different from the samples in other parts of this south eastern part of Asia. Earlier taxonomics used plumage color to be able to identify  [...]
  • India to ban Tourism involving Tigers

    Posted in News | July 31, 2012
    It has been proved that tigers promote tourism.The Supreme Court however has recently in the month of July 2012, ordered a ban on the tourism in the main areas of government run tiger reserves. There would be another hearing in the month of August. This is an announcement that has raised a lot of questions in everybody’s mind and everyone wonders if this is the end of tiger tourism in the subcontinent. It is very crucial to know that this is not a blanket ban on tourists preventing them from entering national parks etc. Instead it is an order to stop tourists from entering the main tiger area of the parks. What exactly is “core area” would be decided in the August hearing. It has already been agreed that the main demarcations  [...]
  • Wildlife pleasures in Canaima National Park

    Posted in South America | July 24, 2012
    Spread over a lovely land spread over around 3 million hectares in the south eastern part of Venezuela, the Canaima national Park provides one with the best sights of wildlife in this part of Guyana and Brazil in South America. Around 65% of the park has the beautiful formations of tepui which are a greatly unique biological entity here. They are in fact of great geological interest and have the best visual delights of waterfalls and majestic cliffs and also have the worlds highest cliff is found here, and these form a greatly magnificent landscape. Established in the year 1962, this national park doubled its size in the year 1975. The park is very popular amongst tourists for its lovely waterfalls, the Angel Falls obviously being the most attractive.  [...]