Anshi National Park – The Call of the Wild

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Situated in the district of Uttara kannada in the area of Karwar the Anshi National Park. This is a 340 sq km area and is joined with the Dandeli wildlife sanctuary. This area was declared the wildlife sanctuary in the year 1956 on May 10. A portion of the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary was taken out and made into the Anshi National Park. The status of Project Tiger Sanctuary was given in the year January 2007.

Located in a zone of eco sensitivity, the Anshi national Park is situated in the Western Ghats a height of 200m to 925 m above the sea level. This park is rich in flora and fauna. There are lots of trees found here and these are of the teak, bamboo, lantana, eucalyptus and silver oak variety. Besides these, silver oak, xylia xylocarpa, and bauhinia are also found.

Anshi National Park

This park is a shelter for many animals like the bonnet macaque, Malabar giant, Malabar civet, deer, squirrel, Indian bison, and the sloth bear. The pangolin is also found here and the park is a great place for the melanistic leopard, elephants, tigers and other kinds of wildlife.

Innumerable reptiles like the Krait, king Cobra, Rat Snake, Python, Viper and other kinds of snakes are found in this park.

There are more than 200 species of birds and there are birds like Adjutant stork, Great Hornbill, the Ashy Black Crested Serpent Eagle, Bulbul, Wood swallow, Blue headed Pitta and the Brahminy Kite, Malabar Pied Hornbill and also the Yellow footed Green Pigeon.

Great Hornbill

Rat Snake King Cobra Black leopard

The best time to visit the Anshi National Park is between June and November and you can also find the lovely land with the beautiful Basaveshwara temple just on the outskirts of the Park and the ambience here is simply mesmerising.

The Kadra Valley View Point is around 12 km from the Park and the atmosphere is one of absolute wonder.

Dharwad is the nearest airport here and the Belgaum district is certainly replete with great colour and vibrance. The Anshi national Park is a wildlife sanctuary and the protected area also includes the other protected areas of Maharashtra and Goa. The entire span of 2200 kilometers is beautiful, and the whole feeling is electrical.

It was in the year 2002 that the park was notified as a park and then extended to 90 square kilometers. These two areas were given the status of Project Tiger sanctuaries later. The beautiful area is dotted with forests of deciduous trees and the other ecoregions make the whole travel here very memorable.

The North Western Ghats has been declared as a endangered zone by the World Wildlife Fund and the entire management of the park is the responsibility of the state and it has done well so far in performing that task. The Dandeli Wildlife Divison of the Karnataka Forest Department is thus the main head of the two beautiful wildlife sanctuaries.

With the best of surroundings and the most pristine of ambience, the lovely land of Anshi National Park is certainly a force to reckon with and a place to see. With ideal settings and beautiful locales, the park has become a nature lover’s haven.

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