Exciting adventures at the Moremi Game Reserve

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Visit Moremi the best kind of national park in this part of the world in Africa and enjoy the tours here to your heart’s content. This is the first kind of African wildlife reserve that has been an endeavor of the locals. Very environmentally aware and worried about the way the wildlife is depleting in the ancestral regions, the locals decided to stop the uncontrolled hunting and the illegal encroachment of cattle here. So the Ngamialand inhabitants called the Batawana came under the leadership of Mrs. Moremi who was the wife of their chief Moremi. She took the encouraging step to start this fascinating Game Reserve in the year 1963.

Voted as the best game reserve in Africa by the African Travel and Tourism Association, the Moremi Game Reserve is an officially protected zone of the Okavango Delta and holds a lot of importance on the environmental, scientific and conservation fields. Today it is surely one of the most beautiful African reserves and perhaps the most fascinating in the world.

Located in the eastern and central areas of the Okavango this is inclusive of the chief’s island and the Moremi Tongue. Today the Moremi Game Reserve has one of the most diverse ecosystems in the entire continent of Africa.

Moremi game reserve

With the best facilities of bird watching and game viewing there are lot of carnivore and herbivore species here today in this region and more than 400 varieties of birds with some of the best sights of endangered creatures. One can see the White as well as the Black Rhino which have been a recent inclusion thus making it a “Big Five destination”.

Spanning around 3900 square kilometers, the delta and the land meet here to create a great floodplain with the best sights of pools, lagoons, waterways, grasslands and riverine forests. This is a land that has the best trails and loops which are an inspiring and delightful experience.

Any self drive camper is sure to enjoy the pleasures of the Moremi Game Reserve and this in combination with the Chobe National Park is a great sight to the eyes and an ideal travel experience to the tourist.

Chobe national Park
There is the beautiful Third Bridge campsite on the banks of the River Sekiri which has the best surroundings of papyrus which is a great experience providing ideal travel delights.

This is one of the most beautiful wildlife sanctuaries in the heartland of Okavango Delta in the land of Botswana. It is home to the huge elephant herds and also the endangered African Wild Dog. Today it is home to one of the most popular concentrations in the African wildlife.

Take a short charter flight from Maun and enjoy this great safari destination spanning over more than 20% of the Okavango Delta. With the best surroundings of savannah and woodland, the lovely lagoons and floodplains are a great boon to the thirsty eyes of a tourist coming to this part of the world.

African wild dog

Get to see animals like the wildebeest, zebra, buffalo and the lion as also the cheetah and the leopard and enjoy your wildlife experiences here in this part of the world. The Mopane forests filled with elephant herds dominates your tours here so just bask in the pleasures of a wildlife experience here in the Moremi Game Reserve.

Visit Moremi Game Reserve and come back with a memorable wildlife experience in Africa.

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