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  • National Parks in Estonia

    Posted in Europe | October 9, 2012
    Estonia is a lovely gem in the region of Baltic and offers the best opportunity to see a great country that is a portion of the European Union. With Tallinn as the capital ,this is a beautiful country to visit and a lovely medieval locale in this part of the world in Europe. With many fascinating beaches dotting many parts of the country , the beautiful coastline offers ideal tour pleasures to all those who come here. The Baltics are not famous for its warm weather and this is something that all tourists to Estonia should be aware of. The summers are short here and the winters are harsh here. Around 18% of land in Estonia and 30% of the sea waters are marked as protected areas. These are inclusive of landscape and nature reserves, five national  [...]
  • Wild Pleasures from the Borjomi Kharagauli National Park

    Posted in Europe | July 18, 2012
    Visit the central part of Georgia and come to the wilder regions in this part of the world. One of the largest parks in Europe this spans over an area of around 85,000 hectares. With around a large expanse of native forests and beautiful meadows, this is the place where you get to see the rarest flora and fauna. There are a network of exciting trails here that totally enrich your travels here and give you a stunning experience of the widest plethora of scenic views, magical ambience and the sights of lovely blossoming plants. Come here and enjoy the lovely surroundings of the National park which is located in the central part of Georgia and is a portion of the beautiful Caucasus region. With the sight of the surrounding villages that are filled  [...]
  • Central Balkan National Park Travel Guide

    Posted in Europe | March 20, 2012
    Bulgaria has three national Parks which have a lot of luscious greenery and a lot of protected vegetation too. The Rila, Pirin and Central Balkan are the three green zones in this part of the world. Central Balkan are among the most protected Europe areas and has some of the best wild regions in this part of the world. these parks in Bulgaria are identified as Category II which are protected by the best conservation parks in this part of the world. The Bulgarian national parks give best opportunities for scientific research and tourism and also education. Bulgaria has some of the most valued resources for the cultural value and livelihood for the people who are living in close quarters. There are lot of links between economic development and  [...]
  • Northumberland National Park

    Posted in Europe | July 12, 2011
    Come, connect with wildlife adventure at Northumberland National Park, the most tranquilized destination covering an area of more than 1030 kms between the Scottish Border and Hadrian’s Wall. If you want to enjoy the slice of rejuvenation and adventure, then enjoy it at Northumberland National Park. Whether it is exploring the serene landscapes or the wild species, every moment spent at Northumberland National Park is adventurous, thrilling and rejuvenating. Truly inspiring, this national park based in the heart of England gives every visitor a great opportunity to discover the unseen wild species hidden in the deep forests and enjoy the panoramic view of wildlife nature. Whether it is Cheviots hill ranges or the Kielder forest, every thing  [...]
  • Trondheim, Norway – Wildlife

    Posted in Europe | June 14, 2011
    Trondheim is one of Norway’s most beautiful locations, which is saying something, since the country is definitely one of the most beautiful in Europe. The region is filled with a large and diverse variety of animal species, all of them extremely interesting for the wildlife enthusiast. There are animals such as bears, badgers, wild cats, insects, birds, deer, snakes, roa deer, foxes, wolves, adders, squirrels, lynx and elks. The vast outdoors here, the fjords, the woods, the forests, the mountains all of it can be can be found filled with the best in terms of wildlife and natural beauty. Elks are the biggest Norwegian wood animals. The male adult elk can get to be more than eight hundred and fifty kilo grams and upto 240 cm tall. The  [...]
  • Blackpool Zoo Has Aged Beautifully

    Posted in Europe | December 16, 2010
    The Blackpool zoo is one zoo that I know has definitely come of age. It was set up in the year 1972, by the Blackpool Council. In today’s age and date, it is owned by Parques Reunidos. Located just a couple of miles off the sea-front of Blackpool; this zoological garden boasts of about 1500 exotic animals. This is far cry from the original herd of about 12 animals that the officials began with. The zoo sits close to the Stanley Park and is said to boast of an extremely esteemed collection of reptiles, animals and even exotic birds. Dinosaur Safari: This is perhaps one of the biggest and unique-most selling points of the Blackpool Zoo. This safari ride will take you back into history and let you take a peek at how that memorable era went by  [...]
  • Volunteer Holidays In Greece

    Posted in Europe | November 11, 2010
    If you get only a few weeks off from your workplace and you want to do something beyond the normal ‘holiday package’, you could try out going on a volunteer holiday. This would help you get an insider’s view on the culture and living of the region you decide to visit; plus, you come back feeling satisfied about having helped out in your own little way. Volunteer Holidays in Greece: So you’ve decided to hit the European coast for your holidays this time; but you want to do your own little bit of good when you’re there. If you do zero in on Greece, we have just the idea for you. You could join the Katelios Group for the Research and Protection of Marine Terrestrial Life on the Ionian Island of Kefalonia as part of their volunteer holidays  [...]
  • Wonderful Wild Turkey

    Posted in Europe | April 26, 2010
    The turkey was pitted by Benjamin Franklin to be the national bird of the United States. This noble fowl is a favorite dish among Native Americans. With the arrival of the Europeans, the turkey was one of the two domestic birds that are native to America. The Muscovy duck is the other bird. By the early 20th century, wild turkey ceased to roam over their normal range. Hunting wiped out a large population of turkeys. Their woodland habitat is also in danger of disappearing. Wild turkeys primarily forage on forest floors. In addition, they can also be found in grasslands and swamps. They predominantly feed on nuts, seeds, fruits, insects, and salamanders. The 1940s saw the reintroduction programs for wild turkey. The birds were relocated to regions  [...]
  • Waterton National Park

    Posted in Europe | March 13, 2010
    The Waterton National Park was created in the year 1895. It is spread across 140 square kilometers. The park is fourth of its kind in Canada and one of the smallest in the Canadian Rockies. The size of the park has varied over the year. Presently, it occupies 505 square kilometers of land. There have been an increasing number of recommendations to include the Waterton lakes in the park area. This has been done mainly to ensure conservation. The park gets its name from the lakes. The chain of lakes was named by Lieutenant Blakiston in honor of British naturalist, Squire Charles Waterton. Waterton National Park is representative of the southern Rocky Mountains Natural Region. Here, the ancient Rocky Mountains meet the prairie lands. The landscape  [...]